Composable Ecosystem Partners

Broad software partner ecosystem to support your DevOps, automation and IT management initiatives.

Composable infrastructure ecosystem

HPE Composable Infrastructure enables you to use a template-based approach and flexible pools of compute, storage, and fabric to abstract infrastructure elements and automate operational changes at scale. As an ISV or developer, you can programmatically control composable infrastructure through a single, open RESTful API. This Unified API is native to HPE OneView, which automates the provisioning, configuration, and monitoring of infrastructure.

HPE OneView Developers Hub

HPE OneView Developers Hub
Access SDKs, repositories, validated integrations and other technical resources for HPE OneView, the foundation of software-defined infrastructure.

Explore composable partner solutions

Reduce the time spent managing environments and accelerate time to value. Explore the HPE Composable Infrastructure Partner Programme and build solutions that are interoperable with the Unified API.


Mesosphere Logo


Mesosphere DC/OS integrates with HPE OneView to simplify the deployment and scale-out of production containers and data services with just a few clicks.

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OpenStack Logo


The OpenStack Ironic driver for HPE OneView enables users to provision bare-metal servers within OpenStack in the same way as OpenStack users provision virtual machines.

Red Hat Logo

Red Hat®

Red Hat enables IT operations and application development teams to deliver applications faster using the OpenShift integration.



SUSE integrates with HPE OneView to provide customers greater ease, agility, control and speed in provisioning and deploying hardware and software to meet their computing needs.


HPE OneView and CANCOM enable end-to-end automation that allows users to create an integrated workspace including hardware, software and services.


HPE OneView and InContinuum allow users to build secure cloud solutions and perform lifecycle automation and management of bare metal, virtual and hybrid cloud deployments.


HPE OneView and Morpheus provide end-to-end visibility and control of hybrid infrastructure for physical, virtualised and containerised app deployments.

Micro Focus

HPE OneView and Micro Focus enable end-to-end automation and service-oriented management across traditional environments and hybrid cloud services.


Ansible Logo


Ansible by Red Hat automates the provisioning of physical infrastructure on demand using software-defined templates from HPE OneView.

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Chef Infrastructure Logo

Chef Infrastructure

Chef automates the spin up and updates of fluid resource pools in HPE OneView using software-defined templates.

Docker Logo


Docker integrates with HPE OneView to bring containerisation out of the cloud and onto your bare-metal infrastructure.

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HashiCorp Terraform Logo

HashiCorp Terraform

HashiCorp Terraform provides a common workflow to provision hybrid infrastructure and applications so users can seamlessly and efficiently deploy HPE infrastructure.



The Puppet module for HPE OneView automates the configuring and provisioning of bare-metal infrastructure so customers can deliver apps and services faster and easier.

SaltStack Logo


SaltStack retrieves HPE OneView managed server inventories, automates the provisioning of bare-metal servers, and deploys and configures applications utilising HPE OneView templates.

IT operations

Arista Logo


The Arista extension for HPE OneView automates the network provisioning between HPE OneView and Arista EOS. Logo


Automate provisioning and enable predictive capacity management for your workloads using the Densify integration. ​

F5 Logo


F5 attaches to HPE OneView and the underlying physical servers to perform real-time monitoring and react with automated failover in the event of critical error.

Harpa Italia Logo

Harpa Italia

McuboICT and Mcuboenergy, by Harpa Italia, are monitoring platforms that offer threshold-based alarming and advanced data analysis functions.

MagicFlex Logo


MagicFlex provides network analysis and insights for HPE Converged Infrastructure and enhances the administration of HPE Virtual Connect and OneView environments.

Microsoft Logo


HPE OneView for Microsoft System Center integrates HPE ProLiant and HPE BladeSystem manageability features with Microsoft System Center.

ServiceNow Logo


Streamline lifecycle operations for infrastructure and IT service management with ServiceNow and HPE OneView

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Turbonomic Logo


Turbonomic attaches to HPE OneView and any hypervisor to provide automatable placement, sizing, and provisioning decisions.

VMware Logo


HPE OneView for VMware vCenter seamlessly integrates manageability features with VMware virtualisation solutions.


Eaton Logo


Intelligent Power Manager (IPM), by Eaton, is a software management platform linking power and environmental monitoring and management to data centre IT devices.

Nlyte Software Logo

Nlyte Software

The Nlyte integration with HPE OneView connects the modelled datacentre world to the real-time world and harmonises server growth and optimisation with data centre constraints.

Schneider Electric Logo

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric develops connected technologies and solutions to manage energy and process in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable.

SDKs and language bindings

Access Software Development Kits (SDKs) and language bindings for integrating HPE OneView with common programming languages and frameworks.

HPE OneView Go SDK

HPE OneView Go SDK

HPE OneView allows you to treat your physical infrastructure as code. Now you can integrate your favorite tools based in Golang with HPE OneView.

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The Java SDK enables Java developers to easily integrate their Java solutions with HPE OneView. The SDK provides client APIs to consume the OneView REST APIs.

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This library provides a pure Windows PowerShell interface to the HPE OneView REST APIs.

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This library provides a pure Python interface to the HPE OneView REST APIs.

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The Ruby SDK provides a Ruby library to easily interact with the HPE OneView API, enabling developers to build integrations and scalable solutions with HPE OneView.

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Interface with HPE OneView using Hubot, an automation tool that can sync with other chat services.

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The Redfish toolkit allows customers to take automations that use the Redfish specification and apply them to HPE OneView without need for extensive scripting.

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HPE Synergy Image Streamer tools

Access tools, reference architectures, artifact bundles, and other technical resources for implementing HPE Synergy Image Streamer.

Developer resources

Developer resources

Resources for achieving fast software-defined control using the Image Streamer management appliance.

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Reference architectures

Reference architectures

Best practises and configuration guidance for developing and executing Image Streamer deployment plans.

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RHEL artifacts

RHEL artifacts

Plan scripts and sample artifact bundles for personalising and deploying Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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SLES artifacts

SLES artifacts

Plan scripts and sample artifact bundles for personalising and deploying SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

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Become a partner

The HPE Partner Ready for Technology Partner Programme enables ISVs to develop products that integrate with HPE Composable Infrastructure, so you can expand your market opportunities and speed revenue growth.


Video : The unified API in HPE Synergy

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Video | 4:48

Composable Infrastructure has 3 architecture design principles: Unified API, Fluid Pools of Resources and Software Defined Intelligence. In this episode, Bharath Vasudevan talks with Frances Guida to explain what is a Unified API.

Business White Paper : HPE Composable Infrastructure: Bridging traditional IT with the Idea Economy

Business White Paper

HPE Composable Infrastructure: Bridging traditional IT with the Idea Economy

Documentation : Composable ecosystem resource library


Composable ecosystem resource library

Technical White Paper : HPE OneView architectural advantages

Technical White Paper

HPE OneView architectural advantages

Documentation : HPE OneView REST API reference


HPE OneView REST API reference

Documentation : HPE OneView REST API scripting documentation


HPE OneView REST API scripting documentation

eBook : Composable Infrastructure For Dummies

Composable Infrastructure for Dummies - Identify IT Challenges
eBook | PDF | 2.7 MB

Need a crash course in composable infrastructure? Find out how the pieces fit together to simplify hybrid IT and turn your data center into a revenue generator.

Brochure : HPE OneView: Your infrastructure automation engine


HPE OneView – Your infrastructure automation engine

Video : Private cloud agility with HPE Synergy and Mesosphere DC/OS

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Video | 13:45

HPE OneView and Mesosphere DC/OS integration solution uses Ansible to automate and speed up the deployment of a small cluster of Mesosphere DC/OS nodes on HPE infrastructure. Customers can automate provisioning of infrastructure in their dev/test environment without human intervention.

Tools : HPE Developer Community: Develop, collaborate, communicate


HPE Developer Community: Develop, collaborate, communicate