HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric Software

SaaS-based data foundation for analytics and AI across hybrid cloud to seamlessly access, analyze, and govern data globally.

Data fabrics accelerate value

Expedite data pipelines with self-service access and delivery of dependable data federated from hybrid and multicloud sources.

Global data visibility

A data plane delivers visibility and direct data access by combining files, objects, tables, and streams into a single source of trusted data.

Built for analytics and AI across hybrid cloud

From a unified interface, manage public clouds, on-premises estates, and business edges.

Simplify data management

Precise controls and automated policies optimize workload placement for performance, sovereignty, costs, and compliance.

Our customers

Accelerate the business value of data

Data fabrics technology is gaining traction as organization look for more unified control, visibility, and accessibility across hybrid and multicloud architectures.

Hybrid by design

A federated unified namespaces allows developers to access data across formats and locations in a single consistent global data plane.

Multi-format support for analytics & AI

Accelerate insights and increase developer flexibility with out-of-the box support for the most popular data formats for analytics and AI.

Built-in management and security

Access control and automated policies make it easy to optimize workload placement by performance, cost, and sovereignty.

Our partners and clients

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Turn data into intelligence

A single source of truth from data to make smart decisions and recommendations to customers.

Connect your edge

Control and harness data across edge to cloud.

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