What is DevOps?

DevOps combines the disciplines of software engineering and IT operations into a single functional unit that manages a product’s entire lifecycle, from app development and testing through deployment and production support.

DevOps definition

DevOps is a concept that has emerged alongside agile development methodologies and “as a service” business models. The underlying aim of combining development and operations is to reduce friction and enable continuous deployments.

Cloud computing has given rise to virtualised infrastructure, which allows for automation of the DevOps workflow and tightly integrates the two functions. Infrastructure as code, also called “programmable infrastructure” or “software-defined infrastructure” allows applications to provision their own operating environments by creating and orchestrating virtual machines (VMs).

Under the DevOps model, everyone who has a hand in bringing a product to life is part of the same team. In some cases, developers, QA, systems administrators and engineers, networking and security professionals all work closely together to complete releases; in other cases, individual team members handle a broad spectrum of tasks, from development to deployment.

Why DevOps?

As businesses undergo digital transformations and move key functions and product delivery online, development and IT operations become not just support functions, but integral to the way a business delivers services to its customers. 

DevOps supports the agile goal of shortening product release cycles, which in turn gives businesses the flexibility to respond quickly to customer demands through continuous innovation. Infrastructure automation and smaller releases create more stable and secure operating environments, and increased collaboration and focus on product improvements leads to higher employee engagement and satisfaction. 

HPE DevOps products and services

HPE's hyperconverged and composable infrastructure solutions empower IT by providing a simple, efficient, software-defined platforms that allow for a cloud-like experience within your own data centre. HPE Project New Hybrid IT Stack will enable you to manage everything from bare metal applications to public clouds from one easy interface.

HPE SimpliVity

HPE SimpliVity

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HPE Synergy

HPE Synergy

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HPE Project Hybrid IT New Stack

HPE Project Hybrid IT New Stack

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