Streamline data management from edge to cloud with HPE

Bridge the digital transformation divide – and accelerate data-first modernisation – with a cloud operational experience everywhere.

Complexity is the culprit

Business and IT leaders know they need data-driven transformation, but data and infrastructure management complexity holds them back. 74% of IT leaders say their current data management capabilities can’t keep up with business demands. ESG%20Data%20Management%20Survey%2C%20April%202021%2C%20commissioned%20by%20HPE%3Cp%3E%3C%2Fp%3E%0A

Pursue data-first modernisation

Data-first modernisation is essential to activating the next-gen operating and business models that drive your business forward, faster. Unlock the value of your data and propel your organisation across the transformation divide.

Leverage the cloud operational experience

To move forward, you need a cloud operational experience across your environment. It’s the game changer: 91% of IT leaders today identify mature cloud operations on premises as the single most important step to eliminating complexity. ESG%20Data%20Management%20Survey%2C%20April%202021%2C%20commissioned%20by%20HPE%3Cp%3E%3C%2Fp%3E%0A

Go faster with self-service agility

Go faster with self-service agility

Enable line of business owners and DB admins to accelerate by self-provisioning storage infrastructure without the need for domain expertise. Slash 98% of your operational time with app-centric operations and invisible infrastructure. %20Comparison%20of%20infrastructure%20lifecycle%20management%20of%20HPE%20Alletra%20versus%20ESG%20Market%20Research%2C%20April%202021%3Cp%3E%3C%2Fp%3E%0A

Consume as a service

Consume as a service

Shift from owning data infrastructure to simply accessing and utilising it via a predictable subscription. Leverage simple, workload-optimised storage tiers and scale on demand for unexpected workloads and usage demands.

Run any app without compromise

Run any app without compromise

Meet any SLA and lower risk with the highest level of availability and ultra-fast performance. Get guaranteed 100% availability for your mission-critical apps and 99.9999% availability for business-critical and general-purpose

Power your private cloud and edge

Power on-demand hybrid cloud

Leverage self-service, on-demand VMs to drive your business with the flexibility of hybrid cloud and a cloud operational experience everywhere. Experience simplified data protection and mobility as you slash hybrid cloud complexity with a unified cloud service.

Taking no chances with the future

Western Canada Lottery Corporation built a consumption-based private cloud for a predictable cost model that enables better gaming experiences, cost savings and increased revenue. Learn how WCLC leveraged HPE GreenLake for Storage and HPE Alletra and other HPE storage products to make big savings and predictable revenue to help fund public programmes.