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Purchase third party branded products with HPE’s interop assurance validation to complete your solution

What is HPE Complete?

HPE Complete is a resource enabling the purchase of best in class third party branded products with the added reliability of HPE’s interop assurance for a complete validated solution, all via one HPE purchase order.

What’s new?

Cohesity – Secondary storage
Qumulo – Scale-out NAS
Zerto – Data replication platform
ThoughtSpot – Search-driven analytics tool

What are you looking for?


HPE AntemetA 3PAR Vision

Traditional solutions like Storage Resource Management do not provide accurate and intuitive information that let IT staff need to proactively plan. Key data is often too complex to structure, interpret and use efficiently. HPE AntemetA 3PAR Vision provides you intuitive access to your 3PAR storage array information and helps make decisions.

    Arxscan software

HPE Complete Arxscan Arxview Software

The challenges of managing the data center and its infrastructure are vast and unrelenting. There are constant demands to improve performance, track capacity utilization and increase efficiencies. 

Arxview, end-to-end storage monitoring and reporting solution, provides the visibility into the environment that you need to run your day-to-day operations as well as plan for the future.

    Brocade - Performance Monitoring and I/O Analytics Solution

Organizations are facing unprecedented data growth, pressure to transform IT into an economic engine, and demands for actionable intelligence. To achieve these objectives, administrators need tools that can provide real-time predictive, advanced, and operational analytics not available in legacy SAN platforms.


Get the actionable intelligence you need to maximize performance across the data center and ensure application delivery SLAs. The Brocade Analytics Monitoring Platform is a purpose-built SAN appliance for measuring application performance and traffic behavior in a Brocade Gen 5 Fibre Channel network.

    Carbonite – Double Take Move and Availability

Today's businesses are under constant pressure to increase revenue, maximize efficiency, reduce risks, and drive down costs. This means no tolerance for downtime or data loss. If mission-critical data, applications, or servers are unavailable, you can lose revenue, forfeit customers, miss opportunities, rack up fines, and suffer brand damage.

Carbonite Double-Take Availability and Move offer exceptional application and data protection in virtual, cloud, and physical computing environments.


Cloud storage is rapidly changing how organizations build, manage and deliver data services. Large clouds are now being built by enterprises who are transforming into IT-as-a-Service providers, as well as service providers that now offer cloud services to business customers who no longer want to manage IT.


The HPE Complete CTERA solution offers next-generation Cloud Storage Services that utilizes Scality’s software-defined storage RING, using HPE servers, to create the only unified file sharing and data protection system that is offered as a 100% private platform.


Secondary storage infrastructure is fragmented across a patchwork of point appliances, which typically include dedupe appliances, backup servers, filers, and data lakes. Not only is secondary storage complex to manage, but data also has to be copied and stored across storage silos. All of this drives excessive total cost of ownership.

The Cohesity solution provides a web-scale data management platform that consolidates all secondary storage and data services onto a unified, efficient solution. It simplifies data protection, consolidates file and object services, provides instant access to test/dev copies, and supports in-place search and analytics.

    iTernity iCAS

Most businesses have to comply with regulatory requirements regarding their information assets and its management. Regulations on records retention, data integrity and information privacy have to be met.


iTernity iCAS minimizes risks and simplifies data compliance on the storage level. As a software-defined archiving solution iCAS enables flexible and cost effective data protection in virtual, cloud and physical environments.

    Nokia – Remote Replication Solution

Do you need data available at the speed of light? Consider the Nokia Remote Replication Platform Solution now offered by HPE. Support for solutions that offer both low latency and zero data loss, protection from disasters and that span wide geographical areas (a cyclone for example) is expensive because they generally require extremely large replication links (high speed) with high recurring monthly costs due to carrier service providers.

    Smartoptics - Intelligent xWDM solutions

At the forefront of data center connectivity since it introduced the world’s first embedded 4G Fibre Channel CWDM solutions in 2007, Smartoptics has continued to provide simple, cost effective connectivity between geographically separated sites for 16/8G Fibre Channel traffic.


With just a few simple building blocks—passive or managed multiplexers, transponders and xWDM transceivers—Smartoptics xWDM solutions support all possible WAN and SAN connectivity types.


Most Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics tools require users to drag and drop elements onto a canvas in order to create a query or visualization. With ThoughtSpot's search-driven analytics, the workflow is dramatically different. Now non-technical business people can use the power of search to build reports and dashboards in seconds.


ThoughtSpot improves ease of use and adoption of BI and analytics for all users. It reduces the data footprint with maximum storage efficiency by using a low cost, enterprise-grade solution provided by Qumulo and HPE.

    Veeam Software

Today’s rapid pace of technological innovation is forcing digital and physical worlds to collide – and it’s also transforming the way organizations operate in every industry. This digital transformation can either make or break your business. Because, in the digital world, customers expect 24.7.365 Availability.


The HPE Complete - Veeam software delivers a superior data protection and availability solution that meets SLAs for recovery time (RTO) and point objectives (RPO) of <15mins for VMs, guest OS, data and mission critical applications. The integration of Veeam’s Availability solutions with flash-optimized HPE 3PAR StoreServ and HPE StoreVirtual Storage, coupled with HPE StoreOnce Systems with Catalyst and StoreEver Tape for data protection, provides unmatched data and application availability.

    Virtual Instruments- Infrastructure Performance Management Solution

In today’s highly virtualized and cloud-based environments, delivering highly responsive applications and data is about more than just availability, it’s about guaranteeing performance. What is even more important, is to be able to definitively measure and report on the specific performance being delivered, based on the application, line of business or tier of service.


VirtualWisdom is the first Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) platform that provides precise data on system-wide performance by measuring every transaction, in real time, on the wire. This enables you to establish accurate baselines and measure changes over time, based on the actual workload and associated response times.


Are you concerned about storing and managing file data at scale?

Qumulo Core is a modern scale-out storage system designed from the ground up for the new era of multi-petabyte data scale on premises and in the cloud. Available on density-optimized HPE Apollo 4200 Servers, the solution allows you to store up to tens of billions of files with scalable throughput while providing real-time visibility and control for file systems at petabyte scale in less physical space. Address your growing unstructured data footprint with maximum storage efficiency using the low cost, the enterprise-grade solution provided by Qumulo and HPE.


IT teams are getting more and more pressure to achieve tighter service levels, especially when it comes to application and data availability. Organizations don’t want their names in the headlines discussing yet another major IT outage that has affected customers, revenue, and a hard-earned corporate brand.

Zerto Virtual Replication, combined with HPE Storage and Cloud Solutions, delivers the aggressive service levels an organization can achieve without leveraging synchronous replication.

Why choose HPE Complete?

  • One stop shop — purchase complete solutions from HPE that include best in class third party branded products, all on a single HPE purchase order

  • Validated solution — confidence of HPE’s interop assurance validation for third party branded products that complement HPE Storage & Server solutions

  • Customer Experience — HPE ensures complete customer satisfaction by troubleshooting with customers to isolate issues to HPE or Third Party product and partners with Third Party as needed on customer issue resolution.

  • Unique value — minimize risk, complexity and cost when deploying multi-vendor products and technologies into the HPE ecosystem

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