How HPE Helps Telcos to Transform in a Software-Oriented World

As telecom operators transform their operations and processes in a more software- and cloud-oriented world, HPE is helping them to adapt and capitalize on their new business opportunities while maintaining the high levels of reliability and uptime demanded of the communications service provider community, explains Gavin Duckett, Vice President Service Delivery Telco Solutions Group, HPE Aruba Networking.

Portfolio of HPE Telco Support Services

HPE offers an extensive portfolio of full stacks, software network functions and infrastructure, all available with associated services from professional and advisory, delivery and support. The portfolio has been specifically designed as an end-to-end solution, providing a comprehensive set of reactive and proactive services that cover all aspects, designed to help you improve the stability and operations to achieve better business outcomes.

Solution Support

An end-to-end solution can comprise multiple HPE Telco Software Solutions (and their associated Support Services) as well as partner, third party and customer specific applications, configuration data and integration. HPE Telco Solution Support Services offers additional operational services that are available to provide an end-to-end support service across the entire solution.

SaaS Support Services

HPE Telco offers a portfolio of solutions under a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. Each of these SaaS solutions has an associated operations and maintenance service. Rely on well-trained experts who ensure that service commitments are met and who provide advice on features, problem identification, and service administration.

Product Support Services

The HPE Telco Product Support Services portfolio provides a comprehensive set of reactive and proactive services that cover all aspects of a solution, to help you improve the stability and operation of an end-to-end solution to achieve better business outcomes.

Telco Infrastructure Services

HPE Pointnext offers advisory services in many geographies, supporting the full lifecycle from plan, to design and implementation across NFVi, RAN and edge infrastructure. HPE Pointnext Tech Care and HPE Pointnext Complete care provide support services for the Telco Cloud Infrastructure, up to and including the NFV/container platform.

Telco Packaged Delivery Services

HPE Telco Support Services offer a portfolio of HPE Telco Packaged Support Services that are designed to help HPE Telco customers meet operational business objectives. The HPE Telco Packaged Support Services are designed to complement HPE Telco Software Product Support services or HPE Telco Solution Support services.

Telco Education and Enablement Services

HPE offers all the advances Telecommunications and Service Providers leaders and practitioners have been waiting for with solutions and services to enable digital transformation.