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Watch the Workplace Next webinar on-demand
Watch the Workplace Next webinar on-demand
Learn from industry experts from the Workplace Next global webinar held in November 2020. Explore practical steps to build a workforce strategy that supports your culture and delivers productivity, regardless of physical location.
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The way we work has changed forever

The future of the workplace is hybrid. Create a seamless employee experience that brings people and technology together to unleash productivity and potential, wherever work needs to happen.

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Your workplace of today and tomorrow

HPE brings together a complete set of expertise and technology to help customers realise a hybrid workplace vision for all kinds of workers – from general collaboration, to specialised knowledge work and skilled field work.

Learn how to maximise employee productivity and organisational resilience by enabling secure, seamless and safe working across physical locations, remote offices and everywhere in between.


Hybrid digital workplaces are adaptive to organisational need, driving a performance culture by giving employees and leaders the flexibility to get work done where it makes most sense.

Work securely from anywhere

For work-from-home initiatives, pop-up locations and temporary facilities, HPE provides seamless and secure access to corporate resources at scale.

Return to work safely

Return-to-work solutions delivered by HPE use insights from real-time data for faster, more accurate, automated workplace health and safety practices.

Cloud services that you control

Workplace solutions optimised for all kinds of work types and number of users. Billed monthly based on usage. the public cloud experience with on-prem security and performance.

Start with network you have

Hybrid workplace solutions work in every customer environment – from small businesses to the enterprise, remote, branch, campus, data centre and cloud.

Practical solutions for hybrid work

HPE brings innovative and pragmatic solutions that are driven by advanced technology, coupled with the expertise and experience to quickly implement and adapt to rapid change.

Secure remote connectivity solutions to support a mobile workforce

HPE delivers industry leading network and security expertise to develop the right remote worker approach. Designed with point-of-presence technology for seamless, secure remote connectivity that is easy to scale, centrally provision and manage.

Additional hybrid digital workplace resources

What will the future of work look like?

When the pandemic started in early 2020, business leaders weren't concerned about what their workplaces would look like in the 2030s. How do leaders focus on growth and embark on the journey of transforming the workplace?

Reconfigure your workplace

As many stay-at-home orders begin to expire, you’re confronted with the complexities of returning your employees to work. HPE return-to-work solutions can help by providing strong protection to employees and accelerate business growth.

A framework for safe return to work

Leverage a series of IoT-based solutions targeting social-distance tracing and tracking, fever detection, location-based alerts and more to help you create a safe work environment for your employees.


Workplace partner ecosystem


Find out how HPE Workplace experts can help you reinvent the way you work by bringing people and technology together to unleash productivity and potential.

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Get the blueprint for the future of work