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Why Digital Transformation Requires Hybrid IT

Demand a new IT experience

Hybrid IT helps you accelerate digital transformation and harness the power of your applications and data. You should define your right mix based on business needs, not limitations. With a new generation compute experience from HPE, you get the best of both worlds – without compromise.

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A new generation compute experience from HPE

HPE offers cloud-like agility with the security and economic control of your data center.

Watch Video and Learn Why the Key to IT Transformation Starts with Agility


Find a better way to enable agile application development and IT operations with software defined infrastructure and workload optimization solutions.

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What Video and See if Your Infrastructure is Prepared to Protect Your Business from Today’s Security Threats


Find a better way to protect your business and data, powered by the world’s most secure industry standard servers.1

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Watch the Video and See Why Economic Control is a Must Have for Hybrid IT

Economic control

Find a better way to plan for your capacity requirements, eliminate over provisioning and pay only for what you use.

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A new experience in application agility

Your applications are not “one size fits all.” We give you agile, scalable workloads that you can deploy on-premises with Intelligent System Tuning to truly optimize processor performance.

How to Improve Application Response Times
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Watch Video and Learn How to Improve Application Response Times with In Memory Computing

A new experience in server infrastructure security

Attacks on firmware inside infrastructure are hard to detect, and they can cripple your business. Only HPE offers complete risk mitigation based on unique HPE Secure Compute Lifecycle.

Silicon root of trust

HPE is the only vendor to provide silicon root of trust, which creates a digital fingerprint in the silicon and ensures the server will never boot with compromised firmware.

Firmware threat detection

With HPE firmware threat detection, you will know on a daily basis whether your firmware has been compromised. In the event of a breach, you can automatically recover to a known trusted state and quickly get your sever operational again.

Server data security

Data protection shouldn’t be limited to data in the network. By implementing the highest level of security algorithms, known as CNSA-suite, you can keep your most confidential information within your server protected.

What is hybrid IT and what does it mean for my data center?

Forward-thinking businesses are moving toward a hybrid IT model for their data center infrastructure; however, they frequently don’t realize this is the case. How can this be? What is hybrid IT, and how does it fit in with other data center solutions? Our no-nonsense guide answers the most common questions about combining cloud and on-prem data centers.

  • Is hybrid IT good or evil? Neither! Learn why hybrid IT develops within a business and how it could benefit yours.
  • How can you integrate hybrid IT into your data center model? Discover what you need and what you can use from what you already have.
  • What is a software-defined data center? Learn about SDDCs and the processes of standardization, virtualization, and automation.
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Cloud economics come to the data center

With HPE Flexible Capacity and new innovative investment options, we help you balance OPEX and CAPEX to advance your digital transformation projects, with the freedom to control your bottom line.

Case studies

Cloud or on-premises? “Yes,” says Dropbox

Dropbox opted for on-premises IT in the United States and IaaS in Europe. If you're weighing on-premises vs. cloud, learn how each might be right, depending on the workload.

Learn How Dropbox Decided When to Use On Premises IT vs Cloud IT
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Jeff Burgess, CEO BCDVideo

DL380 Gen10 goes beyond just the most powerful 2U server we have ever tested; it’s the most flexible as well. In addition to half the boot-up time as its predecessor, Intelligent Provisioning features will streamline our deployments, remote support, and recovery times – enhancing our bottom line.

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Jason Shropshire, Senior Vice President and CTO, InfusionPoints

HPE’s unique capability to provide its own custom silicon, and anchor the firmware directly into that silicon, provides a significant step ahead in infrastructure security protection.

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Simon Edgett, Chief Process Officer - Global Relay

As a cloud provider for Information Archiving our business is all about analyzing large amounts of data as quickly as possible. We are very excited about the ability to leverage the in-memory compute capabilities to go from fast to even faster.

Featured products

We provide secure, agile infrastructure solutions. Our innovations span servers, storage, networking, infrastructure management, and services.

Learn About Gen10, the World’s Most Security Industry Standard Servers

HPE ProLiant Gen10 Server Platform

The world’s most secure industry standard servers1 offer high performance and secure silicon, to protect your most confidential information.

HPE Secure Compute Lifecycle

New best-in-class innovations across firmware protection, malware detection, and firmware recovery.

Get the Details on HPE Infrastructure Security Compute Lifecycle

Services that help you take control

HPE Flexible Capacity

HPE Flexible Capacity

On-demand infrastructure capacity that combines the agility and economics of the public cloud with the security and performance of on-premises IT.

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HPE Capacity Care

HPE Capacity Care

Reduce overprovisioning and increase utilization with regular usage tracking and capacity planning.

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Security and Digital Protection Services

Security and Digital Protection Services

Drive security and continuity transformation that reduces risk and helps meet compliance mandates. Our Security Services will help you design, integrate, and transform so you have the digital protection flexibility to compete in the digital economy.

Learn More

HPE Migration Services

HPE Migration Services

HPE plans, executes, and remediates the movement of data from source systems. Check out our complete, standardized data migration solutions.

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Technology Refresh Program

Technology Refresh Program

Our IT investment strategies provide the flexibility, speed and control your business needs to accelerate innovation and growth.

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Let’s talk

Speak with an HPE infrastructure expert about how you can get started with secure, agile hybrid infrastructure.


White Paper : Compare the total cost of workload performance on AWS vs. on-premises infrastructure

HPE Price-Performance Beats AWS
White Paper | PDF | 5.23 MB

This technical white paper compares the total cost of achieving certain workload performance service levels on AWS vs HPE On-Premises infrastructure types.

Blog Post : Why it’s time to demand a new compute experience

Blog Post

Why it’s time to demand a new compute experience

Video : Learn more about HPE’s new Gen10 Compute Experience

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Video | 15:52

Susan Blocher, VP of Marketing and Data Center Infrastructure group at HPE joins John Furrier and Dave Vellante during HPE Discover 2017 in Las Vegas.

Video : Building the HPE silicon root of trust

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Watch the Video to see How HPE Built the Silicon Root of Trust
Video | 5:01

The World's Most Industry Secure Servers & How HPE Built the Silicon Root of Trust

Video : The new HPE hybrid IT experience

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Video | 1:59

Learn more about hybrid IT and how it is supported by three pillars: Agility, Security and Economic Control.

Video : iLO 5 – New performance features

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Video | 1:26

Bringing together the latest innovations in security and performance, iLO 5 offers the next generation in HPE server management capabilities with Gen10 servers.

Presentation : Test your infrastructure security IQ

Take the Security IQ Quiz

Test your infrastructure security IQ. Based on your answers to the questions, we’ll provide a quick assessment of your IT security profile.

Video : HPE Secure Compute Lifecycle delivers proactive server recovery

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Learn How HPE Secure Compute Lifecycle Delivers Proactive Server Recovery
Video | 0:08

HPE Secure Compute Standards: Proactive Server Recovery

White Paper : How the payment card industry meets required Standards via the certification process

Ecommerce with tablet
White Paper | PDF | 5 MB

How the payment card industry meets required Standards via the certification process

Video : Understand HPEs new compute experience in under two minutes.

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Watch the Video and Learn About the New HPE Compute Experience
Video | 5:01


Article : Data center technology predictions for 2018: The meta-view

Abstract image representing 2018 data center predictions article

Data center technology predictions for 2018: The meta-view

1. Based on external firm conducting cyber security penetration testing of a range of server products from a range of manufactures, May 2017.