HPE Server Partner Programme

Verified applications enhance HPE Servers and further address your business hybrid IT needs.

More value from your HPE servers

As the digital transformation disrupts traditional IT, HPE is striving to ease the server buying decision. IT operations seek to bridge performance, security and resiliency of on-premises infrastructure with the scalability, agility and efficiency of public cloud. Hybrid IT represents a mix of the multiple cloud environments and their ability to interoperate seamlessly. Defining the right mix for Hybrid IT is challenging, but customers can rely on HPE to help simplify the Hybrid IT journey. The HPE Server Partner Programme extends the reliability by enabling ISV partners to validate their business applications on HPE Server platforms.

Validated partner applications


Acronis Storage is a software-defined storage solution that allows you to quickly and easily transform industry standard hardware into protected, enterprise grade storage. Universal, cost-efficient and scalable, it combines block, file and object workloads in a single solution and is built on a proven architecture that has been protecting over 100 petabytes of production data in Acronis Data Centres for more than six years.

Bright Computing

Bright Cluster Manager lets you administer clusters as a single entity, provisioning the hardware, operating system and workload manager from a unified interface. The Bright Cluster management daemon keeps an eye on virtually every aspect of every node, and reports any problems it detects in the software or the hardware, so that you can take action and keep your cluster healthy.

Carbonite Server Backup

Carbonite Server Backup 5.0 helps small to medium-sized businesses protect against the most common sources of data loss and downtime. Get hybrid protection – both cloud and on-site – of unlimited servers and external storage for one low annual fee.


Replicate any data that’s contained on a supported host OS and file system and migrate to any cloud, physical hardware or virtual hypervisor. Obtain full protection with higher availability and disaster recovery – all at an affordable price.


Protect the business from disruption, data loss, or reputational harm across cloud, hybrid, and virtual environments. Endgame leverages machine learning to prevent compromise, stop ongoing attacks, and hunts for threats before damage or loss occurs.

Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform

The Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform provides a single unified solution that lets you tailor a modern, high-performance, elastic storage system built with commodity hardware to support any application, hypervisor, container or cloud.

iTernity Compliant Archive Software – iCAS

Protect, archive and manage critical information assets from all kinds of business applications. iCAS on HPE servers integrates with 100+ applications to retain business data for internal or regulatory requirements on a software-defined platform supporting standard x86 architectures and HPE storage solutions.


Deploy and manage virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs) on HPE servers, including HPE Hyper Converged systems, with Leostream Connection Broker. Integrate with a variety of hosting platforms, including HPE Helion OpenStack to deliver the right desktop at the right time – quick, secure and at enterprise scale.


LINBIT DRBD software provides the fastest block-based replication available on the market. Additionally, LINBIT offers geo clustering and software-defined storage solutions for Linux and OpenStack environments.

Paessler AG PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor is a full-featured and easy-to-use network management software that monitors your network to assure the availability of network components. It measures bandwidth, traffic, and usage. PRTG saves costs by avoiding outages, optimising connections, saving time, and controlling service level agreements (SLAs).


Get an industry leading, integrated solution for delivering virtual applications, desktops and data with Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS). Publish Windows applications and deliver remote and virtual desktops to any mobile device, thin client or desktop located anywhere.

Red Hat

Red Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Virtualisation is a centrally-administered compute and storage hyperconverged solution of industry-proven Red Hat components in a compact footprint. It’s the only enterprise-grade hyperconverged solution that's truly open.



Get modern infrastructure for legacy applications with legacy server emulation solutions from Stromasys. Charon software makes it possible for businesses to maintain mission-critical applications without the risks of aging hardware.


Stratoscale Symphony offers a robust software-defined cloud infrastructure solution (IaaS) that converges all resources into a single, holistic software solution, enabling IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives. Stratoscale Symphony brings the agility and fast-paced innovation of the cloud to enterprise environments by transforming infrastructure (any x86 server and external storage) into elastic and optimised Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

SUSE Enterprise Storage

If your enterprise requires a dependable platform for highly available computing, HPE and SUSE have what you need. Together with partners in their extensive distribution channels, HPE and SUSE deliver one of the few optimised, highly reliable enterprise Linux computing solutions tailored to the needs of always-on data centres running mission-critical technology.

SUSE Enterprise Storage

By integrating SUSE OpenStack Cloud, a private cloud distribution, with HPE OneView, a converged management platform, your Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) private cloud instance can be provisioned rapidly, repeatedly and reliably.


Get a proven alternative to expensive on-premises storage that lets you store more data, run more applications, serve more content and support more users. The SwiftStack storage system on HPE servers is like having external cloud storage from a third-party vendor – right inside your own data centre.


Unidesk has an open management solution that makes packaging, updating, and delivering apps on any end user computing platform astonishingly simple. Design and deploy the components for hosted desktop virtualisation with the power of a joint HPE and Unidesk solution.


vArmour DSS is a software-based stateful, application-aware security solution for hyper-converged systems delivering Layer 7 visibility and stateful control for segmentation, micro-segmentation and regulatory compliance.  

Test your applications on the latest Gen10 Servers and Synergy platform

Test your applications on the latest Gen10 Servers and Synergy platform

About the HPE server partner programme

Validating the software you depend on

The HPE Server Partner Programme provides a seamless approach to self-validation for the server-based software applications that best suit your business. As an ISV, you can benefit from the programme with:

  • Validation of your applications on an extensive portfolio of HPE Servers
  • Access to the latest generally available hardware to ensure your apps stay current without major equipment investment
  • Access to innovative technologies like persistent memory that can enhance your applications
  • Visibility for your application, featured so HPE customers quickly see your app as a tested configuration
  • An insignia provided by HPE for your marketing purposes

More about HPE Servers

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