Full stack security that automatically detects threats in seconds and minimises risk

Project Aurora extends our silicon root of trust to deliver an embedded security platform that continuously and automatically protects infrastructure, operating systems, software platforms and workloads without signatures, significant performance trade-offs or lock-in.

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Get the fundamental building blocks for a comprehensive Zero Trust security framework

With Project Aurora, you can prevent and detect compromise in the hardware and software components of a remotely managed HPE system through standardised continual measurement, attestation and verification of everything. It helps you to transform security from a barrier to an innovation accelerator – from silicon to your workloads.

Increase data value through attestation and verification

Rooted in silicon, Project Aurora helps to ensure the fidelity (and value) of your infrastructure, platform and workloads by continuously validating critical components to identify changes caused by malicious code in the operating environment.

Accelerate innovation using strongly attested identities.

Secure rapidly changing hybrid IT investments by assigning secure identities on a platform verified from the supply chain to the workload.

Identify attacks and protect investments

Project Aurora security capabilities continuously identify zero-day attacks to thwart loss or corruption of your mission-critical systems. Fortify your existing security strategy, minimise risk and maximise the effectiveness of existing investments. 

Solving complex security challenges

Read the enterprise.nxt article on Project Aurora.

Solving complex security challenges

Read the enterprise.nxt article on Project Aurora.

About Project Aurora

Learn how Project Aurora security capabilities are unlike other industry offerings from public cloud service providers or systems providers. Project Aurora provides a complete security architecture with new embedded and integrated security solutions starting at the silicon level. Learn how Project Aurora starts with the supply chain and establishes an immutable chain of trust up through the infrastructure, operating system (OS), software platform and workloads without requiring signatures, significant performance trade-offs or lock-in.

The initial release of Project Aurora security capabilities will be embedded within the HPE GreenLake Lighthouse to automatically and continuously verify the integrity of the hardware, firmware, operating systems, platforms and workloads, including workloads from security vendors. This continuous attestation will enable HPE to quickly detect advanced threats in seconds1. This can help minimise data loss and unauthorised encryption (and corruption) of valuable data and intellectual property.

In the future, HPE will embed open source technologies such as SPIFFE and SPIRE into Project Aurora to enable our DevOps and security engineers to deliver workload identities rooted in continuously verified HPE hardware. This entire capability will eventually be embedded across HPE GreenLake cloud services and the HPE Ezmeral software portfolio.

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Supply Chain Trust

HPE’s supply chain security processes prevent tampering and unauthorised activity by authenticating all components – from manufacturing to delivery and customer use to end of life. What’s more, only HPE Trusted Supply Chain provides a new first line of defence against cyberattackers with selected servers built to the world’s toughest security standards in secured facilities.

Infrastructure trust

Project Aurora builds on HPE’s industry-exclusive silicon root of trust technology, which has been recognised by cyber insurers for its ability to reduce risk and enable the world’s most trusted industry-standard servers. By anchoring our security in the silicon, HPE prevents tampering of hardware, firmware and server configuration. HPE’s Server security ensures that the server boots in a known good state and continues to run in a known good state throughout its lifecycle.

OS and Hypervisor trust

Project Aurora provides a layered set of protection, including the running Operating System. At this layer, Project Aurora allows customers running supported hardware and operating systems to remotely verify that key components in a supported HPE server have not been compromised during manufacture and the supply chain.

Platform trust

Protect against a compromised software supply chain and vulnerable software. Tampering of the middleware platform (e.g. container) is prevented, with assertion that key platform processes have not been modified at start and continuously while running.

Workload trust

Enterprises increasingly face the challenge of protecting their IP and meeting the ever-evolving world of regulatory requirements designed to protect them, their customers and partners. To comply with these requirements, enterprises must assert the provenance and integrity of communication between their workloads, which are increasingly distributed across data centres, public cloud providers and edge devices.