Secure data

Secure your data and protect your IT landscape, edge to cloud

Close your IT security gaps and help prevent cyberattacks with a zero-trust framework. Secure your data in an edge-to-cloud environment.

Electronic Payment Services is one of India's leading providers of ATM outsourcing and managed services. As an organization that handles sensitive financial data and transactions, learn how EPS meets critical compliance standards and protects its data at rest and in transit.

Today’s highly distributed edge-to-cloud environments, and the proliferation of devices and systems at the edge, are stretching the boundaries of traditional and legacy security approaches—putting data at ever-increasing risk. Building security into your data-driven modernization initiatives is paramount, but it must scale at the speed that your business needs to deliver on your transformation objectives. Build cyber resiliency and agility with secure solutions that automatically and continuously verify the integrity of your environment—from silicon to the cloud—wherever the data lives. Benefit from HPE expertise and experience to help your organization respond or recover quickly from cyber threats, capitalize on your security investments and de-risk your transformation to a cloud operating model across all your IT.

Secure your data

How to meet the right security standards

Meeting the right security standards is getting more complicated with hybrid cloud. Managing your data and applications across on-premises data centers, hybrid cloud services, and workforces at the edge require a new way of thinking about security. You need to achieve the right level of security required to combat threats and protect your expanding IT estate.

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Secure your distributed enterprise from edge to cloud

Develop and maintain a security-first, zero-trust approach across your entire IT landscape.

How to get security confident

Your confidence in closing your security gaps needs to increase as cyber threats do. You need solutions with hardened security features to help you securely configure, monitor and update your servers from anywhere. This will give you the benefit of consistent insight into server health and operations. It will improve performance and security that’s initiated in the supply chain and anchored in the silicon root of trust, giving you the confidence you need.

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Configure, monitor and update your servers securely

Onboard hardened security features and securely configure, monitor and update your compute infrastructure from anywhere.

How to continuously protect your data

A consistent data protection will ensure continuous data integrity, availability, backup and recovery. By identifying where ransomware and other security gaps exist, you can modernize data security and protection for your IT estate. Continuous data protection reduces your overall data risks and exposure.

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Modernize your data protection

Effortless, efficient and secure data protection from a single console, delivered as a service. The next-gen data protection for your hybrid cloud.

Reduce your risk of data loss

Discover a unified experience across your multisite deployments to protect, recover and easily migrate data and apps without risk. Protect your data from ransomware attacks.

Adopt the zero-trust framework

Adopting a zero-trust approach to security improves data protection, data recovery, and can help prevent cyberattacks before they impact your organization. Design and implement a zero-trust strategy and architecture to centrally enforce all aspects of enterprise-grade access security. As you adopt and enhance your zero-trust approach, you can reduce security risk and increase compliance across your hybrid cloud environment.

Explore ways to solve by watching a quick solution video, read the ebook or dive into products that help solve your security needs.

Identify and remediate security gaps

Protect your apps and data with compliance monitoring delivered as a managed service.

Enterprise-grade access security for any industry

Get the necessary controls with a proven zero-trust policy platform and enforce all aspects of enterprise-grade access security.  Adopt holistic edge-to-cloud security.

Learn more about the HPE GreenLake cloud experience

All HPE GreenLake cloud services are accessed through a unified control plane that delivers a consistent, open and extensible cloud operating experience for all your services and users, wherever the workloads and data are located.

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Protect data from ransomware attacks on premises and in the cloud with an efficient, cost-optimized storage, delivered as a service.


Secure your unified compute operations with zero-trust enabled architectures. Achieve continuous, automatic protection of your infrastructure, OS, platforms and workloads.


Identify devices connecting to your network, authenticate and authorize them, and uniformly apply a robust policy across your wireless, wired and VPN connections.


Preserve data integrity and privacy with built-in security and trusted blockchain technology for distributed machine learning.


Protect your business from evolving threats with the right tools and skills. Boost your cloud security with regular threat assessments and cybersecurity trainings.