HPE GreenLake Flex Solutions

Create business agility and speed time to value with consumption-based IT solutions created from standardized, centrally managed IT modules.

Cloud agility and economics

Lower CAPEX and eliminate expensive overprovisioning with solutions that allow you to pay for what you use, while maintaining a capacity buffer to support unpredictable needs.

Flexible for your needs

Maximize business value without the complexity of infrastructure planning, setup, and management. Our wide range of IT modules and partner ecosystem gives you the flexibility to create the solutions you need.

Built on standard modules

Optimized for reliability and predictability, our standard IT modules are designed to create a solid foundation for innovation.

AI-driven IT Operations Management

Centrally manage HPE GreenLake Flex Solutions with hybrid observability.  Optimize IT staff productivity with process automation, and proactively head-off potential issues before they adversely impact business.

HPE GreenLake Flex Solutions portfolio

Explore our offerings to create the right IT solution for your business.

AI, ML, and data analytics
Business applications
Core compute
Data protection
Data storage
Edge compute
High Performance Computing
Hybrid cloud
Virtual desktop

HPE GreenLake Flex Solutions – AI, ML, and data analytics

Mine continuous streams of value locked in your data with enterprise-grade AI/ML and analytics

HPE GreenLake Flex Solutions – Business applications

Enhance accuracy, competitiveness, product quality, and time to market.

HPE GreenLake Flex Solutions - Containers

Drive faster delivery and iteration. Continuously release and improve products and services for business agility.

HPE GreenLake Flex Solutions – Core compute

Choose from a family of versatile, resilient, software-defined servers suited to diverse workloads.

HPE GreenLake Flex Solutions – Database

Database-optimized hardware, software, and services in a single, unique, pay-per-use form.

HPE GreenLake Flex Solutions – Data protection

Combine the simplicity, agility, and economics of public cloud with the security and performance of an on-prem backup environment.

HPE GreenLake Flex Solutions – Data storage

Unleash the power of your data with intelligent, workload-optimized storage.

HPE GreenLake Flex Solutions – Edge compute

Streamline the deployment of an edge-to-cloud solution stack across locations.

HPE GreenLake Flex Solutions – High Performance Computing

Solve big problems with systems optimized for high-performance workloads and AI.

HPE GreenLake Flex Solutions – Hybrid cloud

HPE GreenLake Flex Solutions – Hyperconverged

Improve management, efficiency and performance of virtualized workloads with built-in solutions for backup and more.

HPE GreenLake Flex Solutions – SAP

Get the most out of your SAP platform with supporting infrastructure that provides rigorous availability, security, and reliability standards

HPE GreenLake Flex Solutions – Virtual desktop

Get the benefits of on-premises VDI, including security, seamless user experience, and productivity.

HPE GreenLake Flex Solutions – Virtualization

Gain speed and flexibility with scalable, pay-per-use virtualized infrastructure.

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