Accelerating beyond all-flash

All-flash was an evolution that brought significant performance gains for shared storage. But the need to drive more business insights and respond faster to customers pushes against the limits of all-flash storage. Predictable, ultra-low latency at scale requires a reimagination of enterprise storage to unleash the next generation of innovation.


The age of memory is here

HPE Memory-Driven Flash is the first enterprise storage that takes advantage of the disruptive speed of memory. Available for the world’s most intelligent HPE Memory-Driven Flash combines software intelligence, storage class memory (SCM) and non-volatile memory express (NVMe) for never-before-seen application performance, up to 50% faster than all-flash arrays with NVMe SSDs.Based%20on%20internal%20testing%20of%20HPE%203PAR%20compared%20to%20published%20latency%20values%20from%20Dell%20PowerMax%20as%20of%2026%20November%202018.

Breakthrough application performance

Intelligence built into HPE 3PAR and HPE Nimble Storage self-optimises Intel Optane memory media for fast read performance in all-flash arrays and make a small fraction of memory appear like 100% all-memory storage.

Unmatched predictability

Ideal for shared storage, HPE Memory-Driven Flash ensures all critical workloads are serviced with the lowest latency, averaging sub-200us and near 100% IO within 300us.

Easiest upgrade ever

Existing HPE 3PAR and HPE Nimble Storage customers can take advantage of the speed of memory with a non-disruptive upgrade to HPE Memory-Driven Flash without replacing media, migrating data or adding any risk.Available%20for%203PAR%20in%20December%202018%20and%20targeted%20for%20HPE%20Nimble%20Storage%20by%20mid-2019.

HPE leads the way to the memory-driven future

Memory-driven flash is the biggest breakthrough in storage in 25 years and is the beginning of an industry shift to memory-driven storage. HPE leadership is disrupting architectural paradigms and making the speed of memory practical for everyone. HPE Memory-Driven Flash is built on HPE 3PAR and HPE Nimble Storage which easily adapt to new technologies for always-modern storage.