IT Infrastructure Products

Power your enterprise with proven, industry-leading IT infrastructure products and software from Hewlett Packard Enterprise.


Enterprise-grade hyperconverged platform that unites best-in-class data services with the world’s bestselling server.

3PAR Storage

Tier 1 all-flash data storage arrays scale from midsize to the largest enterprises and service providers, for instant application provisioning and high levels of service – at a fraction of the cost.


Software-defined infrastructure management for faster deployment, simplified lifecycle operations and improved productivity with workflow automation, a modern dashboard, and a broad partner ecosystem.


The world’s most advanced production supercomputers.

Proliant DL

Server solutions matching a wide range of compute requirements – including scale-up, versatile performance, and entry level use cases.


Massively-parallel, software-defined servers designed specifically for the applications that they run – able to be customised to individual needs for maximum efficiency.

Integrated Lights Out (iLO)

Management capabilities that let you configure, monitor, and update your HPE servers seamlessly from anywhere in the world.


A highly scalable, flat network domain for flexible provisioning, ultra-low latency, and fast workload mobility to create a more converged, flexible, and scalable data centre network architecture.

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