Storage Media

Backup and archive using proven, reliable HPE storage media, tested to extremes for maximum reliability when restoring your data.

Reliable, durable, economical and secure

HPE offers a comprehensive data protection portfolio for Hybrid IT. We understand the importance of storage media reliability in providing a secure home for your data on LTO Ultrium tape and RDX solutions, which are also a final, long term safeguard against natural disasters, network or power outages, human error or malicious acts.

Secure and realise the possibility of your data

Big data presents an unprecedented growth opportunity. Yet, critical application failures can cost a business its future. HPE Storage Media helps open new pathways to business growth while serving as a last line of defence when the unexpected happens.

Tested to extremes for maximum reliability

Tape is no longer a standalone solution, but is part of a broader HPE ecosystem. With decades of tape technology experience, we commit to different types of tape testing at HPE labs – enabling us to provide the highest levels of performance across our tape portfolio.

Proven reliability

As a market share leader, HPE supports tape in some of the world’s most advanced and innovative companies across different industries and sectors. We feed this knowledge back into tape hardware and tape media testing and development.

HPE Storage Media, the backbone of Hybrid IT

HPE LTO Storage Media is exhaustively tested to provide the ultimate and most cost effective last line of defence for your data. Find out why HPE Storage Media is the "gold standard" for LTO tape media reliability.


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HPE Storage Product Portfolio

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The BURAmeter Blog?

1 Native capacity of a HPE StoreEver 3040 tape library fully expanded to 272 slots with LTO-8 data cartridges