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Manage threats, costs and compliance with the simplicity and end-to-end strength of our security offerings.

IT Security in the Idea Economy

The adversary marketplace is global, agile and crowd-sourced. Transform your enterprise with comprehensive security solutions and proactive protection to stay ahead of attackers anywhere in the world.

Predict More, Recover Quickly

As your workforce and customers embrace the cloud, mobility, social media and big data, your organisation’s attack surface expands significantly. Band-aids won’t cut it. The new school of cyber defence simplifies management, visibility and control of information no matter where or how the information is used. This allows you to create a more secure, open and engaging environment while managing time and recovery costs associated with data breaches. Hewlett Packard Enterprise creates security roadmaps for businesses through collaboration to facilitate innovation and a robust bottom line. Our collective knowledge base is focussed on staying ahead of threats, not just responding to them. 

Real World IT Security Solutions

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HPE Helps Rockwell Collins Be More Proactive on IT Security

Rockwell Collins CIO, John Paul Besong, talks about how Hewlett Packard Enterprise is helping Rockwell Collins become proactive in security management by re-engineering their processes and environment.

P&G Detects Security Threats Faster

P&G transforms its security architecture with HPE, enabling detection and response to threats across a range of devices and environments.

Nokia Siemens Counts on a Secure Environment

Nokia Siemens appreciates the stable network HPE Security Services enables 24x7, 365 days a year.

HPE Manages Security Ops for European Space Agency

HPE is managing the European Space Agency Security Operations Centre (SOC) and protecting them from external threats.


In Identifying Vulnerabilities and Threats¹


Security Events Monitored Monthly


HPE Security Ops Centres

How Hewlett Packard Enterprise Leads in IT Security

We Know How to Think Like the Bad Guys

For decades, organisations have turned to Hewlett Packard Enterprise for complete enterprise security solutions. We discover and remediate up to 10 times as many vulnerabilities as any other organisation in the world. Nine of the world’s ten largest banks trust us to protect more than $9 trillion in daily transactions. All told, we monitor more than 23 billion security events monthly and manage more than 1.5 million security specific devices globally.  

Attack Threats Before They Attack You

Modern IT security proactively detects, thwarts and remediates threats and attacks. This takes an end-to-end portfolio of products and services built on analytics and insight. Hewlett Packard Enterprise understands how to anticipate threats because we understand how they are created. Our research and security events are the most respected in the industry. Our products and services are designed to manage, monitor and protect your information wherever and however it is used by your workforce, partners and customers. 

Consolidate Risk to Optimise Your Security Investments

Security must move at the speed of business, despite shrinking IT budgets and increasingly sophisticated adversaries. Your workforce and customers expect the best user experience on any device – anywhere in the world. Hewlett Packard Enterprise simplifies your journey to agile security with the expertise of more than 5,000 credentialed professionals, worldwide. Make sure that you get the most value from your enterprise security investments as you consolidate risk with our integrated services.

Our Offerings

Protect Your Digital Enterprise

Security threats scale with digitisation and data volumes. To succeed in the idea economy, your organisation needs a robust and proactive security posture.


Analyst Report : HPE Cyber Risk Report

Analyst Report

Deep security insights from HPE Security Research.

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Video - 0:54

Insight from Frank Mong, VP and GM of Enterprise Security at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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Video - 1:54

Beat the bad guys with actionable security intelligence.

Infographic : The Costs of Recovery


Understand the tangible and intangible costs of recovering from a security breach.

White Paper : Security Briefing: North Korea’s Cyber Threat Landscape

White Paper

HPE Security investigates North Korea’s cyber threat capabilities.

Analyst Report : Annual Cost of Cyber Crime

Analyst Report

The average cost of cyber crime climbed more than 9% to $12.7 million for companies in the United States. The average time to resolve a cyber attack is also rising. Learn more.

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Get Proactive on Enterprise Security
Video - 2:13

Art Wong, Senior Vice President of HPE Security, speaks about the value of security services in increasingly complex environments.

  • 1.

    Rated the top security vulnerability research organisation by Frost & Sullivan, 2012.