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An IT investment strategy can help your business gain the flexibility, speed, and control needed to accelerate innovation and growth.

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Re-Engineering Economics of IT
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Transformation Funding

Transformation Funding in Brief

Disruptive transformation requires a disruptive funding model. The right mix of technology innovation, including how it is funded, can help you accelerate transformation. Break free from legacy technology by taking an IT investment strategy approach to your IT.

HPE Accelerated Migration

Free up value from existing equipment to fund new IT solution deployment by shifting existing owned assets to a flexible usage payment model. Receive the value hidden in your existing IT equipment and invest it in new technology innovation.

HPE Asset Recovery

Programmatic ARS keeps you secure while optimizing your IT assets through the entire lifecycle. Recycle responsibly and unlock your asset resale value.

Transition Solutions

With transformation comes transition. Whether your organization is performing proof of concepts, retiring data center technology, moving or consolidating IT infrastructure, or planning for other IT transitions, we have a wide range of solutions that can help you make the move faster and easier.

HPE Pre-Owned

Driving innovation and reliability within your IT infrastructure doesn’t always mean relying solely on new technology. Previous generation technology is perfectly suited for a variety of business scenarios. Explore how HPE Pre-Owned can help you achieve your goals, without sacrificing your budget.

HPE Rentals

Keep your enterprise nimble with quick access to the latest technology, especially for short-term needs like a data center move or proof of concept.

IT Consumption

HPE Subscription

Simplify the way you acquire, consume, and pay for server technology. Select a customized solution from pre-defined options that include best-in-class hardware, software, accessories, and worry-free services for a predictable monthly subscription fee for 24 or 36 months.

HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity

HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity is a consumption model for on-premises infrastructure that allows you to pay as you grow — delivering a public cloud experience, but without having to move away from the control and security of your IT.

Re-Engineering Economics of IT

IT Investment Solutions for the Next Generation of HPE Compute

Gain faster, more flexible access to HPE’s ProLiant, Synergy and Apollo Gen10 servers through a choice of IT investment models that focus on IT economics aligned to your desired business outcomes.

IT Investment Strategies Workshop

We can help you bridge the gap between IT and finance in your organization. Join our technology and finance experts for an interactive IT Investment Strategy Workshop tailored to the specific needs of organizations like yours.

HPE Adaptable Use Models – Extended Deployment

Acquire forecasted compute and storage capacity in advance of the actual need. Align payments with deployment for added flexibility and budget efficiency.

IT Investment Strategies in Brief

Specific outcomes and the value of those goals are different for each business. Shorten cycles, simplify decision-making, and speed up implementation and rollout of technology by taking an outcomes-based approach to IT, including how you acquire, pay for and invest in it.

HPE Technology Refresh

Accelerate plans to modernize your IT infrastructure. Avoid the costs and resources required to maintain aging IT. Consider a Technology Refresh program that allows you to make monthly payments and routinely refresh your infrastructure every 2-4 years while satisfying the needs of both IT and Finance.

All Other Programs & Promotions


HPE Service Provider Growth Suite

As a service provider, you have to be able to respond to a market that is changing fast. Keep pace with customer demands while delivering the investment capacity to upgrade technology essential for business growth.

HPE Adaptable Use Models – Flex Down

Deploy projects with greater speed, flexibility and efficient use of resources. Acquire the new servers you need and reduce the risk of overprovisioning with a built-in option to adjust quantities later.

Investment Solutions for HPE Hyper Converged 380

Investment solutions for HPE HC380 provide you with options to make monthly payments based on a price per VM per month structure and to pay as you deploy and scale.


Financing promotion for HPE Next Gen Compute (Synergy)

No payments for up to 90 days followed by 36 payments with a 0% implicit finance rate.

Special Offer for the HPE SimpliVity 380

Maximize the opportunity to capitalize on the rapid growth of HPE hyper-converged solutions. Accelerate your customers’ ability to acquire the HPE SimpliVity 380 by utilizing a 90 day payment deferral offer.

Offer available now through 31 January 2019.

0% Financing Offer for Aruba Central

Our IT investment solutions, enhanced by this limited time promotion, can help you accelerate your plans to acquire new wireless solutions, while helping you preserve cash and extend your budget.

Offer available now through 31 January 2019.

90 Day Deferral

Take time to stage and install new HPE IT infrastructure before monthly payments begin.

0% Rate Payments Financing Promotion for HPE Storage

Our IT investment solutions enhanced by this promotion can help you accelerate your plans to move to new HPE intelligent storage solutions, while helping you preserve cash and extend your budget.

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