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New thinking reveals new possibilities

Business used to rely on technology, now technology is business, and IT experience is the customer experience. Navigating and harnessing digital transformation is how to get ahead. HPE Pointnext is an innovative IT services organisation that will help you to modernise your legacy infrastructure to drive rapid digital transformation across your enterprise all on your own terms.

Get the outcomes you want

HPE Pointnext offers a range of innovative IT services that make hybrid IT simple and power the Intelligent Edge. Our unique HPE GreenLake consumption-based solutions deliver quick outcomes in your data centre or on the Edge, in a pay-per use model.

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HPE Pointnext Video: How to Optimise Your Digital Transformation

Your now to your next, all-in-one package

Get the IT services your business needs to accelerate your digital transformation, so you can say yes to bigger and better opportunities.

Optimise infrastructure

Establish the right mix of optimised infrastructure solutions, edge to core, for your current and future apps and data with advisory and design services, from implementation through daily support.

Best-in-class partner ecosystem

Finding which technologies and partners can best solve your unique problem and how to bring them together – to speed adoption of emerging technologies and to scale with your current environment, without creating new complexities and risk.

Simplify IT lifecycle

Going beyond the technology problem of digital transformation and address other aspects across culture, measurement, skills, change management as well as new approaches to funding and IT consumption options.

Accelerate innovation

Improving time to value and execution with an approach that permits a rapid and continuous project delivery, splitting the transformation into a series of dozens if not hundreds of projects and steps that will happen across every aspect of your business.

Contemplating digital transformation?

You need to change, but digital transformation isn’t simple. We have the expertise to help you do it. Our heritage in infrastructure, partner ecosystems, the end-to-end lifecycle experience, and our powerful, scalable IT solutions from Hybrid IT to the intelligent edge will help make change easy for you. The global HPE Pointnext team includes 25,000 IT experts spanning a range of disciplines, from transformation consulting to technical support.

Hybrid IT and Intelligent Edge Infrastructure Services

Proven professional Hybrid IT expertise


successful transformation engagements per year.


brightest minds in IT dedicated to your digital transformation.


countries covering 30 languages: global scale and expertise.

Key HPE Pointnext Services

HPE IT Advisory Services

Advisory and transformation services

Design the transformation and help build a roadmap tuned to your unique challenges with practices specifically focused on: Hybrid IT, Big Data and Intelligent Edge. Leverage ­HPE Professional Services for on-time implementation and creative configurations that get the most out of your investment.

HPE Professional Services Provides On-Time Implementation and Creative Configurations

Consumption-based IT

HPE GreenLake delivers unique pay-per-use solutions for your top workloads – big data, backup, database platform, SAP HANA and edge computing – that include both on premises and on your terms.

HPE Operational Support Services Redefines Operational Efficiency

Operational services

Redefining the concept of “operational efficiency.” With innovative new products and IT services like Datacentre Care, we offer new ways of delivering IT by managing and optimising workloads, resources and capacity, on-premise and in the cloud.

Succeeding with HPE Pointnext

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Watch Video About Merck Finding Cures for Diseases

Merck works to find cures for the diseases of our world

See how Merck leveraged transformational hybrid cloud services to deliver life-saving remedies, while lowering operating costs and responding faster.

Tottenham Hotspur builds new, world-class stadium

World-class football team is poised to deliver an enhanced experience for all visitors through mobile-optimised stadium technology that adds fresh new layers of interest and enjoyment.

DreamWorks Animation unleashes imagination 

DreamWorks wanted to eliminate the gap between idea and implementation. Its dynamic infrastructure enables artists to achieve their creative vision without barriers.

Texmark Chemicals showcases IIoT at the edge

Texmark Chemicals’ Refinery of the Future features advanced industrial internet of things (IIOT) capabilities. Results include uninterrupted productivity and safer workers.

GE Healthcare delivers better healthcare

GE Healthcare helps hospitals and other healthcare providers, including clinics and imaging organisations, to meet their needs.

Get your blueprint for success

Accelerate the development and delivery of cloud-native applications, facilitate flash storage modernisation, and build a digital workplace. These four insightful blueprints will help you succeed in your digital transformation.

Transform to rapid cycle application delivery: Cloud-native IT

Speed the development and delivery of cloud-native applications. Examine the critical global business services and IT technology best practices for enabling cloud-native applications – from DevOps practices to underlying infrastructure.

Accelerate workload performance: Storage modernisation

Leverage flash storage modernisation. This blueprint is based on real-world experiences from many customers across a range of industries on how to manage, monitor, store, and analyse the massive amount of data generated by IoT.

Enrich the workplace experience: Intelligent spaces

The workplace plays a critical role in an organisation’s digital transformation. Unleash worker productivity and accelerate the pace of business by building a digital workplace.

Define agility beyond automation: IT infrastructure and operations

Take advantage of software-defined architectures for agile development and self-serve IT. This how-to guide defines the business and technology challenges driving software-defined infrastructure and offers steps to overcome them.

Digital transformation trends in IT services

IDC discusses the emerging importance of digital transformation and the related challenges and opportunities

Now is the time for next

In a world where everything computes, HPE Pointnext is the trusted partner that can guide you on your digital transformation journey, and help point you towards what’s next.