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A faster way to solve IT complexity

The speed of business really is faster than ever before, because that’s what your customers expect. At the same time, every business is becoming a digital business, held back by increasing IT complexity: new data sources, new business models, new threats. If you don’t adapt, you can’t compete. Your digital transformation hinges on being flexible – always staying ahead of what's next.

The journey to digital transformation starts here

In a complex hybrid IT world, how do you know where to begin? If you’ve already started, are you on the right path? HPE Pointnext is an innovative enterprise IT services organisation dedicated to making your transition into a digital enterprise a smooth process – from the intelligent edge to the core of your data centres. With thousands of experts across a range of disciplines, we have the experience and know-how to design, implement, operate and support your digital transformation journey, on your terms.

Business on demand, all the time

What IT challenges keep you from running at business speed? Maybe it’s building adaptable platforms and operations or managing cloud-optimised workloads. Maybe you struggle with streamlining operations and maintaining security for your business and digital assets. Make your digital enterprise an agile one, able to respond quickly to business opportunities and realise incremental value faster, when you combine our expertise and repeatable, journey-based approach.

IT tailored to your needs

Consume IT services on your terms, getting the specific value that you need for your business. HPE GreenLake provides an economical IT consumption model just like cloud, but for your on-premises solutions. Adopt new technologies faster, with less risk and without up-front costs. HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity enables you to scale easily by adding capacity in minutes, not months. You pay only for what you actually need, creating true pay-per-use outcomes. Simplify your IT planning, capacity forecasting and cost allocation with HPE GreenLake.

Take digital business to the next level

Optimise infrastructure

Establish the right mix of optimised infrastructure solutions – from edge to core – for your current and future apps and data with advisory and design services, from implementation through daily support.

Simplify IT lifecycle

Go beyond the technology problem of digital transformation and address other aspects across culture, measurement, skills and change management, as well as new approaches to funding and IT consumption options.

Accelerate innovation

Improve execution and time to value with rapid, continuous project delivery, splitting the transformation process into a series of dozens, if not hundreds, of projects and steps that take place across every aspect of your business.

Rely on best-in-class partners

Bring together industry-leading technologies and partners to solve your unique problem. Speed adoption of emerging technologies and scale with your current environment and vendor ecosystem, without introducing new complexities and risk.

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Cloud-enabled. Data-driven. Edge-connected.

Digital businesses that thrive on the edge to the core or in the cloud know how critical IT agility and efficiency are. They know how to harvest the value of every single byte of data with AI and data as-a-service. They redefine their user experiences and improve business operations with IoT. HPE Pointnext guides you through digital transformation projects with crafted blueprints and service offerings mapped to the specific transformation journey or IT goal you’re striving for – whether it’s cloud enablement through hybrid IT, data insights through AI or a redefined connection to the intelligent edge. From edge to core to cloud, HPE Pointnext has the expertise to support your entire digital transformation. Welcome to your new IT.

Services and solutions from edge to core

Digital transformation services

Discover digital journey maps that combine an end-to-end solution portfolio and expert consulting to solve the complexities of your digital enterprise.

Operational services

Redefine the concept of operational efficiency with new ways of delivering IT. Manage and optimise your workloads, resources and capacity, both on-premises and in the cloud.

IT consumption with HPE GreenLake

Configure your IT your way. Choose the specific features, turnkey solutions, infrastructure platform and financial terms that work for you using an IT consumption-based, pay-as-you go model.

Succeeding with HPE Pointnext

Tottenham Hotspur builds new, world-class stadium

Tottenham Hotspur delivers an enhanced experience for its visitors through mobile-optimised stadium technology, adding fresh new layers of entertainment.

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JCB accelerates innovation with cloud-native applications

Major Japanese card-payment provider JCB combined infrastructure as code with a data centre OS, dramatically decreasing development times.

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Texmark Chemicals showcases IIoT at the edge

Texmark Chemicals’ Refinery of the Future features advanced industrial internet of things (IIOT) capabilities, like uninterrupted productivity and greater worker safety.

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GE Healthcare improves the patient experience

GE Healthcare helps hospitals and other healthcare providers, including clinics and imaging organisations, deliver better care.

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Get your blueprint for success

Based on real-world experience gained from thousands of HPE Pointnext customer engagements, these how-to guides offer proven strategies for success in digital transformation.

Transform to rapid cycle application delivery: Cloud-native IT

Speed the development and delivery of cloud-native applications. Examine the critical global business services and IT technology best practices for enabling cloud-native applications – from DevOps practices to underlying infrastructure.

Accelerate workload performance: Storage modernisation

Leverage the flash storage modernisation experiences of multiple customers across a range of industries. Read how to manage, monitor, store and analyse the massive amount of data generated by IoT.

Enrich the workplace experience: Intelligent spaces

Understand the critical role that the workplace plays in an organisation’s digital transformation. Unleash worker productivity and accelerate the pace of business by building a digital workplace.

Define agility beyond automation: IT infrastructure and operations

Take advantage of software-defined architectures for agile development and self-serve IT. Define the business and technology challenges driving software-defined infrastructure and learn steps to overcome them.

Gain new insights and control: Commercial and industrial operations

Leverage IoT to gain unmatched visibility and control over your business. This blueprint will help you overcome challenges, transform raw data into actionable insights and boost business results.

HPE Pointnext extends cloud consulting expertise with RedPixie acquisition

In an increasingly hybrid IT world, RedPixie helps customers make the right choices for digitally transforming their application development and cloud migration.

Now is the time for next

HPE Pointnext is your trusted partner for digital transformation. Let us guide you toward what’s next.