HPE Integrated Lights-Out (iLO)

Securely configure, monitor, and update your HPE ProLiant servers seamlessly, from anywhere in the world.

Manage servers securely from anywhere

Gain consistent insight into the health and operation of your HPE ProLiant servers.  Automate and simplify server management.  Security initiated in the supply chain and rooted in the silicon.

Manage devices remotely

Securely onboard HPE ProLiant servers into a user network with enablement for 802.1x protocol. The new HPE iLO 6 builds on a proven 20-year history with new features that strengthen security.

Simplify and automate server operations

Automate common tasks during each step of the server lifecycle, from initial deployment to ongoing management and service alerting. This translates to faster time to deployment, higher server, and application availability through ongoing health monitoring, and significantly quicker time to resolution when issues arise.

Defend against increasingly complex threats

Protect your infrastructure, workloads, and data from threats to hardware, and risks from third-party software with a proven, zero-trust approach to security.

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Trusted security by design

Protect your hybrid environment by providing fundamental zero-trust lifecycle management for all your servers, delivered as a secure SaaS application continuously managed and improved by HPE.

Protect your servers

HPE ProLiant is engineered with a fundamental security approach to defend against increasingly complex threats through an uncompromising focus to constant security advancements.

Supply chain security

Ensure security before your infrastructure arrives with an uncompromised and trusted supply chain, acting as your first line of defense against cyber-attackers.

Remotely manage servers in data centers

HPE iLO 6 is widely accepted as the standard for remotely managing servers in data centers. With security a key concern of all aspects of data center management, including remote management, this document describes the firmware and hardware methods iLO uses to protect against the risks of unauthorized access.

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