CSR Return Instructions Kenya and Nigeria

All faulty parts must be sent back within 5 working days from the delivery of the replacement one.

Pickups are pre-paid, there is no extra fee.

Please follow the instructions below:

  • Please remove the sticker on the box of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise replacement part.
  • Attach the supplied DHL Return Label on the box. Use the “Good/Unused” or the “Bad/ Defective” label as appropriate.
  • In order to make an appointment for the collection please email for

  • In the email text please include your
    • name,
    • address,
    • phone no.,
    • Hewlett Packard Enterprise case id, and
    • part number of the defective or good part to be returned

  • All the information you need is on the return label.

Once the part is collected please keep the collection reference, provided by the courier, in order to verify the return.

Any enquiries and questions related to Hewlett Packard Enterprise part returns contact for Nigeria: csr.ng@hpe.com, and for Kenya: csr.ke@hpe.com. For technical questions related to the part replacement please contact the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Technical Support Center at:

  • Nigeria and Kenya +44 203 564 4148

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