Mission Critical and Workload Optimized Data Solutions

From real-time analytics to modernization, HPE's end-to-end data solutions address today's most critical data processing needs.

Meet new business demands with mission critical servers

Enterprises of all sizes and across industries are turning to data to drive competitive advantage. As the volume and velocity of business data increases across your edge-to-cloud environment, you need new architectures to support data-first strategies. HPE Mission Critical Systems along with HPC & AI—Data Solutions enable greater decision velocity and real-time analytics with future-ready, workload-optimized infrastructure.

Address challenges in real time

Address transactional and data analytics challenges in real time

Accelerate insights as well as data transactions with mission critical systems that support in-memory and distributed computing. HPE HPC & AI—Data Solutions deliver industry-leading performance and reliability, and partnerships with advanced analytics solutions providers enable you to optimize your database environment.

Learn how one bank’s expansion lead their mission-critical infrastructure to a seamless modular architecture

Yapı Kredi, Turkey’s third largest private bank, modernized their critical banking environment with various solutions from HPE including the Superdome Flex 280 to run their high-critical applications and digital platforms.

Support demanding workloads

Support demanding workloads

Modernize your systems of record. HPE HPC & AI—Data Solutions are designed to meet the needs of high-velocity data transactions—such as payment processing, enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), and electronic healthcare records (EHR) systems plus their underlying databases—as well as real-time processes like graph analytics, trading, and risk analytics.

Why HPE for SAP HANA solutions?

Check out this 11-minute podcast to understand the current SAP market landscape, customer challenges when moving to SAP HANA and the reasons why HPE is the ideal partner of choice in the customers journey to SAP HANA.

Handle overwhelming data volumes

Handle overwhelming data volumes

Build a data pipeline with the agility to scale as needed to manage your full continuum of transactional and analytics data. HPE NonStop and HPE Superdome Flex systems provide massive scalability with mission-critical reliability, supporting the analytics and AI workloads to speed decision-making and drive your business forward.

HPE advanced memory technology speeds insight in large-scale AI projects

With vast and complex datasets in AI projects, the large, shared memory of HPE Superdome Flex speeds insight by eliminating data re-assembly. Learn how Superdome Flex facilitates more robust AI projects, workloads and data.

Eliminate data silos

Eliminate data silos

Unlock the value of data across your enterprise with sophisticated solutions for data movement and integration. HPE HPC & AI—Data Solutions offers open platforms to support modern applications plus a seamless migration of data trapped in legacy systems with a unified delivery model from edge to cloud.

Unlock the value of data trapped in legacy Unix systems

Over the past 10 to 15 years, thousands of workloads have been migrated from legacy Unix systems to standard x86 platforms running Linux. Learn how HPE Mission Critical Solutions has evolved to address the continuum of modern data challenges.

Gain flexibility

Gain flexibility while maintaining control

Implement data-first modernization with open, virtualized platforms that provide the flexibility you need to innovate with the highest levels of availability and uptime. HPE HPC & AI—Data Solutions delivers freedom of deployment choice while you retain full control of your systems of record.

Powering mission critical data-driven insight

Data Solutions for transactions, analytics, and AI

Find out why taking a data-first approach to IT modernization is the only way to keep up with data growth today and how HPE Mission Critical Solutions has evolved to help. Learn more in this blog post by Diana Cortes, marketing manager of the Data Solutions group at HPE.

Learn from a space-tested solution

Learn about a successful experiment aboard the International Space Station simulating a compute failure and successfully recovering from it—with no data or transaction loss—in under 30 seconds.

Accelerating space exploration with The Spaceborne Computer

HPE launched the Spaceborne Computer in 2017 with NASA to test how well a supercomputer can operate under the harsh conditions of space. Now see the timeline since as NASA and HPE drive to deploy manned missions further out in the solar system that will require sophisticated computing capabilities.

Data solutions and mission critical server resources

We are here to help you build an infrastructure that’s designed for your business needs. HPE is investing to unify across the data center infrastructure so that customers can standardize on management tools, enclosures, power monitoring, etc., while leveraging their investments. Our energy-saving tools and technologies can help you significantly cut costs by regulating and monitoring power usage across your infrastructure.