High Performance Computing (HPC)

Answer your biggest questions and solve your most complex problems with HPE’s HPC solutions, expertise, and global partner ecosystem.

Introducing the HPE Cray XD2000 and the HPE Cray EX2500

Accessible supercomputing for more organizations at scale.

HPC as a Service

Accelerate your digital evolution 

Bring outstanding agility, simplicity and economics to HPC using cloud technologies, operating methods, business models, high-performance data analytics, artificial intelligence and deep learning. 

  • Deliver a more efficient data center: HPE’s hybrid HPC means you get a best-of-both-worlds approach for provisioning on- and off-premises solutions.
  • Extend on-premises HPC to your private cloud: Hybrid HPC augments on-premises HPC capabilities with cloud-based options, extending the familiar on-premises HPC systems to a flexible private cloud infrastructure.
  • Achieve outstanding agility, simplicity and economics: HPC IaaS enables you to deliver high-value infrastructure and application services for even the most demanding HPC requirements.
HPC as a Service

HPE GreenLake can deliver superior flexibility, scalability, and control of HPC solutions with a cloud service consumption model on premises. In addition, HPE helps reduce the cost and complexity of maintaining an HPC environment with skilled resources who implement and operate the environment for you.

A Sustainable Future with HPC

Delivering superior HPC performance and sustainability

The new era of computing arrives with an increased emphasis on the importance of sustainability. Discover how HPE is delivering on its sustainability commitments with innovative, environmentally friendly HPC and AI solutions plus flexible as-a-service and financing options.

A More Sustainable Future with HPE

As a socially and environmentally responsible company, HPE has transformed all aspects of HPC to enhance computing power without generating the prohibitive increases in energy that can lead to higher operational costs and cause lasting environmental damage.

Unlock the Value of Your Data with HPE AI

Turn exponentially growing data into insight, action, and value

Turn exponentially growing data into insight, action, and value. Get enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI) right with a comprehensive data strategy, the right expertise and a rapidly growing ecosystem of vendors. 

Deep Learning & Machine Learning Solutions

Deep learning and machine learning hold the potential to fuel ground-breaking AI innovation in nearly every industry if you have the right tools and knowledge. HPE’s industry-leading high-performance compute, intelligent data platforms, and high-speed networking fabric allow you to deploy deep learning and machine learning at any scale.  

Frontier: Moving the future forward

Frontier represents monumental performance in artificial intelligence, scientific research, and innovation that will solve problems and impact society for years to come.

Explore all HPC solutions

The power of supercomputing doesn’t just apply in the lab. High performance computing solutions from HPE scale up or scale out, on-premises or in the cloud, with purpose-built storage and the software you need to power innovation. All your workloads, aligned to your economic requirements.

HPC Across Industries

HPC for Energy

Across the energy industry, organizations are investing heavily in physical and digital infrastructure to better generate, transform, store, and distribute energy. High performance computing is becoming ever more crucial for this digital transformation. HPE offers an advanced portfolio of HPC solutions for energy exploration transition.

HPC for Health and Life Sciences

Research institutions and medical facilities are using high performance computing solutions to speed time to discovery and delivery, develop new forms of treatment, and improve patient care. 

HPC for Manufacturing

Manufacturers of all sizes struggle with cost and competitive pressures and products are becoming smarter, more complex, and highly customized. HPE high performance computing solutions make it possible for organizations to create more efficient operations, reduce downtime and improve worker productivity.

HPC for Weather

The accuracy of daily weather forecasts and severe weather warnings depend on high performance computing combined with artificial intelligence. HPE HPC systems provide the weather segment with great data ingest and storage capacity combined with the most powerful processing capabilities.