Accelerating transformation for the digital normal

Digital transformation isn’t new, but it’s been accelerated to meet the business requirements and customer demands of a post-pandemic world. Building technology resiliency, adapting to new regulatory requirements, building robust ways to digitally engage and moving to hybrid cloud environments will be your focus, and HPE is here to help your transformation to this new normal.

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Stay ahead of the competition with new digital capabilities

As with many industries, financial services is coping with an ever shifting-landscape of new technology, economic factors, government regulation and new competitive entrants. Remaining competitive will require speeding digital transformation to enable:

  • Fraud prevention and regulation compliance: Whether it’s data privacy, capital restrictions, country or global ‒ finding a way to comply and report, while not overburdening the business with cost and resources is a key challenge
  • Digital banking innovation: The need to engage and attract customers with new technologies and enhanced capabilities that deliver a robust digital experience are more critical today than ever
  • Process automation: Already being adopted at a healthy pace, more banks will seek out cloud technology to streamline processes and improve resilience and scalability

HPE GreenLake brings the cloud experience to Financial Services

Get the cloud experience wherever your apps and data live, centralise your operations and drive innovation with HPE GreenLake.

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Financial Services Industry Solutions

HPE has delivered solutions and technological innovation to the financial industry for over 35 years.

Success in action
The State Bank of India logo

India’s biggest bank delivers services to more people

The State Bank of India digitally transformed and now helps citizens to prosper in the global economy by delivering digital banking services to more people in India.


Evolving from its 19th century roots, SBI is at the forefront of the country’s digital transformation, and must operate as a modern, agile institution serving national prosperity.


A robust, scalable private cloud.

"The future of 1.3 billion people depends on us getting it right. That’s why we rely on HPE for consulting expertise and next-generation technology."

Mrutyunjay Mahapatra, CIO, State Bank of India


The highly available infrastructure enables SBI to host e-banking and e-trade services as part of its global expansion while meeting compliance requirements of dozens of regulators worldwide.

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