In recent years, workloads that first moved from on-prem to the cloud have now become distributed across multiple clouds, data centres and the edge. With network traffic surging, and the pace of change accelerating daily, telcos must leverage end-to-end connectivity to effectively harness data and respond to digital-first customers.

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HPE is the transformation catalyst for the 5G economy

HPE’s open solutions span the enterprise edge, the telco network and multiple clouds. Together with our ecosystem of partners, we help telcos automate operations, drive efficiencies and transform their businesses. With HPE, you can:

  • Create new revenue streams by creating new differentiated services leveraging 5G and edge
  • Increase agility and innovation by disaggregating the network through open multi-vendor solutions based on scalable, optimised infrastructure
  • Align costs to revenues with consumption-based models, reducing the risk of entering new markets
  • Manage operational complexity with AI/ML based automation
  • Fortify security, trust and privacy while increasing customer retention
  • Collaborate with hyperscalers and application vendors to deliver new workloads from the edge across multiple clouds
Unlock the full potential of 5G

Introduce new 5G services, ensuring they co-exist with both current 3G/4G and the potential for new Wi-Fi 6 RAN deployments. Break-away from vendor lock-in by moving to an open, cloud-native, modular network core deployed on commercial industry-standard infrastructure or any cloud.

Enable the Open RAN

Reduce operational complexity and accelerate time to value with open distributed infrastructure management, standards compliant infrastructure and pre-validated, telco-optimised designs. Deliver efficiencies across your access network by virtualising the RAN, and simplify infrastructure by disaggregating hardware, and software for maximum flexibility.

Ignite new revenues at the telco edge

Win and retain customers with personalised sticky services that you deploy seamlessly across Wi-Fi 6, 5G, and existing networks. Scale quickly to meet unpredictable demands for applications and content, while automating orchestration, assurance and optimisation of service quality.


Match your costs to your 5G service revenue. Experience the Telco Cloud with HPE GreenLake.


  • 120
    Faster deployment

    Automate operations, networks and services. 1

  • 25
    Reduction in TCO

    Lower costs and risks with a future-ready open RAN. 2

  • 10
    More dynamic

    Enable unlimited scalability at service, function or network levels. 3


Become an agile, competitive and 5G-ready digital service provider with pre-integrated, open, multi-vendor solutions.

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HPE Telco Core Solutions

HPE Telco Core solutions provide open, network core solutions, unlocking the full potential of 5G, enabling the creation of new services faster with increased security and evolution from 3G/4G.   HPE’s 5G Core Stack is designed from the ground up to be cloud-native, open and secure to achieve web-scale speed, flexibility and resilience, and is uniquely offered as a service with HPE GreenLake

  • Pre-integration of multi-vendor NFs, a validated PaaS from RedHat, and carrier grade infrastructure reduces risk & complexity
  • Shared Data Environment between 5G and previous generation networks, and across all Network functions of multiple vendors
  • Scalable subscriber data management, policy and charging control
  • End-to-end intent-based orchestration & automation reduces operational costs and complexity through AI/ML
  • Network slicing requires a true 5G SA core, powering multiple logical networks on the same infrastructure
  • Consumption based offering priced per user for the entire stack with HPE GreenLake
  • Telco Core Blueprints provide a secure carrier-grade platform tuned for 5G core with high throughput, core density and low latency.
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HPE enables disaggregation in the RAN with the new Open RAN solution stack, which combines solutions from infrastructure to management, accelerating network agility and increasing efficiency.   HPE enables cost-effective, best-of-breed, multivendor solutions with RAN optimised edge compute solutions, reducing footprint, speeding deployment and  accelerating innovation

  • RAN Optimised edge compute with NEBS compliance, automation, security and embedded RAN accelerators in a variety of form factors for challenging or central office applications (HPE Proliant DL110 Gen10 Plus Telco Server & HPE Edgeline EL8000 series)
  • Reduced footprint through integration of front haul gateway and cell site router and base band unit into a single 1U RAN optimised solution (HPE ProLiant DL110 Gen10 Plus Telco Server)
  • Telco Edge Blueprints reduce the complexity of integration and speed deployment, whilst allowing choice
  • Intel-HPE vRAN Verified Reference Configuration (VRC) simplifies the path to virtualised RAN reducing time to market and operational complexities with a hardened vRAN solution
  • Management and automation of the distributed edge platforms
Enable open RAN


HPE paves the way to a full telco edge customer solution stack by delivering a platform at the edge, igniting innovative new service opportunities through a variety of workloads.

HPE offers a set of foundational solutions, as a service, on edge-optimised infrastructure on customer prem, at the cell-tower or central office

  • Workload orchestration: HPE Edge Orchestrator provides enterprise customers with one click deployment from their app store
  • Enterprise connectivity: Aruba EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform (Silver Peak) including physical and virtual appliances, SD-Branch, managed Wi-Fi and network as a service NaaS
  • Identity management: Authorisation and entitlement for customers, employees and devices across both SIM and Wi-Fi based devices through HPE Digital Identity & Aruba Air Pass Cellular Wi-Fi roaming service
  • Broadcast video management: capabilities enabling monetisation and asset management
  • Visual remote guidance: AR solution to guide engineers
  • Media services: scalable on-demand video, voice and value-added services
  • AI/ML and container management: through HPE ML Ops and the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform
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Become an agile, competitive and 5G-ready digital service provider (DSP). HPE digital infrastructure, virtualised solutions and advisory services enable communication service providers (CSP) to adopt a service-centric DSP operating model.

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Automate operations, networks and services

With intent based orchestration & zero touch automation.

Build the telco cloud

Accelerating time to value with pre-validated solutions based on open, distributed infrastructure.

A complete solution for support

High quality services that address all aspects of your solution and software application life-cycle needs, with best-in-class services and support.

Get the training you need

HPE CMS Education Services certified instructors have the product expertise and industry knowledge you need to speed your transformation.

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