HPE and Cloud Cruiser Join Forces

Create more opportunities for consumption-based IT. Manage and optimise hybrid cloud usage and spend.

Consumption-based IT – Stronger Together

Together, HPE and Cloud Cruiser, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application, helps IT organisations optimise the delivery of services for the business. Cloud Cruiser’s ability to meter and bill for usage and spend in hybrid clouds is a key part of the Datacentre Care portfolio and HPE Flexible Capacity. Cloud Cruiser will continue to be enhanced and HPE continues to support its existing customers, leveraging the deep domain expertise of the Cloud Cruiser team to enhance other offerings.

Time to Value

Input your cloud credentials. Reports and dashboards immediately light up with rich analytics about your cloud usage and spend.

Cloud Cost Control

Get reports and dashboards for all usage cloud services in a single-pane view, compare across platforms such as AWS, Azure, or Google, and monitor usage and spend over time.

Optimise Usage

Enhance your cloud data and develop richer reports and insights using SmartTag™ technology – unique in the industry – to augment the data and enrich reports.

Instant Insights

Using drag-and-drop features, build your own views, reports and dashboards based on KPIs that you care about. Set up alerts when thresholds are reached and take immediate action.

"The ability to proactively meter usage and analyse consumption across the business and then optimise the use of services based upon it is an imperative, not an option."

Jan 2017

William Fellows
451Research Group

Key Capabilities to Optimise Cloud Costs

Flexible Budgets

Tailor budget time-frames, track multiple business groups, and get notified when thresholds approach.

Cost Modeling

Accurately model a future state based on historic usage and spend.

Future Forecast

Reliably forecast and share with business stakeholders for tracking and accountability.

Cloud Cruiser in 60 Seconds

Cloud Cruiser in 60 Seconds
Got a minute? See how your IT role and others can take advantage of Cloud Cruiser’s cloud cost management and optimisation capabilities to proactively meter usage, analyse consumption across the business, and optimise the use of services.

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