Digital transformation for financial services

Financial services are used to change, but today’s climate is especially challenging. Shifts to the digital economy, new distribution channels, challenges from new competitors, and the need to manage risk have all increased, putting pressure on firms to accelerate transformation. Today, financial institutions are seeking long-term, cost-effective solutions.

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Innovate faster with HPE GreenLake

To meet today’s customer expectations and build resiliency for an unknown future, digital transformation is critical. Financial institutions want solutions that optimize costs and efficiency, mitigate risk, and deliver faster insights while enhancing customer experiences and supporting a hybrid workforce. HPE GreenLake provides the IT infrastructure delivered with cloud-like speed and agility, in an as-a-service delivery model, allowing you to focus on your bottom line while innovating and delivering value to your customers.

Achieve true time to value

Pre-configured options make it easy to provision the resources you need. With HPE GreenLake, your equipment can be delivered to your on-premises or co-location data center in days, not months. And the flexibility to scale-up-and-down makes it easy to quickly add capacity as business demand grows.

Secure data and workloads on premises

HPE GreenLake offers the security and performance of on-premises infrastructure with the agility of cloud. You can also manage your enterprise-wide governance and control with optional compliance services that provide real-time monitoring and remediation recommendations.

Optimize costs and efficiency

Compete with digital-native fintechs by offloading routine, time-consuming IT activities, and free up IT departments to work on more value-adding initiatives. Built-in monitoring and management services from HPE GreenLake empower your IT resources to be more productive.

Use Cases
Making the shift to digital in the financial services industry

Resiliency is crucial for the financial industry. Financial institutions need to be ready to transform to keep up with a rapidly changing business landscape, increased regulatory requirements, and the new security threats of digital transactions.

Making the shift to digital in the financial services industry

Resiliency is crucial for the financial industry. Financial institutions need to be ready to transform to keep up with a rapidly changing business landscape, increased regulatory requirements, and the new security threats of digital transactions.

Digitally deliver financial services
Manage risk
Enable the Bank of the Future
Digitally deliver financial services
Digitally deliver financial services

Financial institutions need the speed, agility and economics that cloud native competitors enjoy, while maintaining control of their apps and data, wherever they live HPE GreenLake provides you secure on-premises IT with cloud-like flexibility.

Manage risk
Manage risk

Banks are high targets for fraud and cyber attacks yet the vast amounts of data keep them from adequately addressing fraud, compliance, and risk. With HPE GreenLake, you can secure your data and support real-time analytics while maintaining control of your assets.

Enable the Bank of the Future
Enable the Bank of the Future

The shift to remote workplaces and digital branches increases requirements and security risks from untrusted devices using critical apps with private data. With solutions such as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), HPE GreenLake can empower IT to deliver secure, reliable remote access.


HPE, Intel, and Splunk have collaborated to deliver a unique solution that allows organizations to get more value from existing Splunk investments with efficient, right-sized deployments.


Browse the below case studies to see how customers are using HPE GreenLake to drive key outcomes. 

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HPE GreenLake powers ATM network of electronic payment and services (EPS)

EPS worked with HPE to put in place a highly scalable, available and secure deployment and achieve its business objective of delivering real-time ATM transactions to end users of banks and payment solutions to financial institutions.

  • Challenge: EPS needed high uptime to facilitate real-time ATM transactions for banks, along with a high level of security and compliance.
  • Solution: Working with HPE Pointnext, EPS put in place a highly available, robust data center and hosting solution.
  • Result: EPS offers managed ATM and outsourcing services to public sector banks and financial institutions on a pay-per-use basis.
Mizuho Bank modernizes Mizuho Cloud IA to adapt to unpredictable changes

After completing the renewal of its accounting system, Mizuho Bank refreshed the infrastructure of its private cloud platform, Mizuho Cloud IA.

  • Challenge: Provide stable services that support banking operations and information systems on an IaaS platform that can respond quickly to unforeseen changes
  • Solution: Adopt HPE Synergy, a composable infrastructure product that allows code control and automation using REST API, via HPE GreenLake, which allows the bank to deploy additional hardware and software on a monthly IT consumption model
  • Result: Improved the system’s ability to users’ varied demands, achieved adaptability, enabled predictive maintenance
au Kabucom Securities develops next-generation system to support digital transformation

With HPE GreenLake, au Kabucom Securities Co., Ltd., a Japanese online securities company is realizing their vision of becoming a digital financial securities firm. To do this, the company completely revamped their infrastructure.

  • Challenge: Refresh and relocate a data center consisting of about 1,000 physical servers used for securities training, while realizing the highest degree of security, keeping costs low, and making infrastructure secure and agile
  • Solution: Optimize performance and costs by consuming next-generation infrastructure system in a monthly or pay-as-you-go model with HPE GreenLake
  • Result: Reduced the number of servers from over 1,000 to under a few hundred with the expectation of reducing the total cost of infrastructure by 11% in five years
HPE GreenLake helps Wibmo adopt an agile, scalable infrastructure model

In business for over two decades, Wibmo provides authentication services to over 70 banks and processes between 60–70% of India’s e-commerce transactions. It prides itself on playing a major role in the digital infrastructure of the country.

  • Challenge: Overhaul infrastructure to gain better deployment time, use less space, and lower power consumption
  • Solution: HPE and Archon built a private cloud in Wibmo’s datacenter, virtualizing over 80% of infrastructure and reducing procurement lag, while also decreasing infrastructure footprint by 65% and capital expenditure by 55%
  • Result: Scalability, agility, and cloud-like experience