IT Procurement

What is IT procurement?

IT procurement is a group of processes for the purchase and implementation of information technology (IT) in accordance with organization strategy. An organization that uses IT must have a way to procure the IT products and services it needs to operate. IT procurement practices range from ad-hoc to fine-grained and highly strategic. In general, IT procurement involves a collection of processes that focus on identifying business and strategic needs for IT, selecting the appropriate solutions, and then executing the purchases themselves. There are usually separate processes for new initiatives versus existing IT updates.

Why IT Procurement?

Procuring IT is—or should be—about more than just buying IT products and services. IT procurement serves a vital role in the realization of strategic and operational goals. Given the centrality of IT to business success and overall transformation, IT procurement should engage key stakeholders from business, finance, and IT itself. The process has to identify what IT can serve the business and then follow through with the best possible IT investment decisions.

HPE IT procurement products and services

IT procurement, including funding, is seldom a one-size-fits-all process, especially when the goal is IT transformation. HPE offers you options. We help you rethink the way you acquire, pay for, and use IT. We fund transformation, enabling you to invest in your technology goals. Innovative funding models help you maximize efficiency and accelerate innovation. Work with us in your IT procurement process to increase the agility you need to respond to business change.