Unlock the data from the connected world

Tap the power of artificial intelligence, data and advanced analytics to uncover insights, create trusted transactions, and employ intelligence in revolutionary, ethical, secure ways. Innovate and transform the way people and machines work together from Edge to Cloud. HPE will help you produce AI-driven automated business outcomes working closely with your data, business and IT teams.

Operationalize Artificial Intelligence

Practical use cases of artificial intelligence will define your business. You need the right expertise, data, AI tools, technology, partner ecosystem and economics to develop and operationalize your artificial intelligence.


Assess analytics, data needs, prioritize AI use cases aligned to business objectives and get started with your data strategy, discovery and AI opportunities


Pilot your AI use case and data science environment validating your data, business and technology strategy and plan for the production.


With agile design and implementation put your AI use case and data platform pilot into production at the Edge and in Cloud, manage change and train teams.


Consume and offer AI use cases, AI infrastructure and data platforms as a service, and manage change with ongoing support and training.


Consume and offer AI use cases, AI infrastructure and data platforms as a service, and manage change with ongoing support and training.

Explore AI use cases

Our customers use AI in a wide variety of applications. Below is a sampling of solutions our experts can help you enable for your business.

Developing and consuming AI use cases across edge to cloud

Organizations have begun to choose cloud-based resources for their artificial intelligence and machine learning initiatives. But moving workloads to the cloud is not a trivial task. Discover how HPE Edge-to-Cloud Transformation Framework enables you to be more successful with AI/ML pilots and take your transformation to the next level with confidence.

Powering the factory of the future today

Manufacturers are implementing AI and analytics to meet the challenges of production. HPE and NVIDIA have developed powerful, data-driven solutions to power the factory of the future today.

Artificial intelligence for IT operations

Learn more about AIOps use cases, technologies and approaches, as well as the implementations with HPE Pointnext Services. And read a case study for AIOps implementation in HPC systems, including top-end exascale systems.

HPE supports AI for good

HPE is committed to the responsible, ethical development and deployment of AI as a means to advance the way we live and work.

HPE AI and data driven services

Only HPE has the expertise, edge to core technologies, and partner ecosystem to help you explore different use cases, experiment with AI and data technologies, and build the solution to be enterprise-ready.