HPE Edgeline

Converged OT and enterprise-class IT in a single, ruggedized system that implements data center-level compute and management technology at the Edge.

Enterprise-grade edge computing and processing power

The Edge is everywhere—a factory floor, an oil rig, or a coffee house. By moving to a distributed converged edge compute model with HPE Edgeline Converged Edge systems, customers can expect to gain real-time, local decision-making to support immediate action and achieve autonomous operations, even with unreliable connectivity or lack of it. World-class security and compliance is maintained at all times.

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Enterprise-class IT at the edge

Eliminate the need for data to be transferred from its source at the edge to the cloud, removing the possibility of exposing it to potential issues of latency, bandwidth, security, compliance, and more.

OT-IT integration

HPE Edgeline systems integrate key open standards-based OT data acquisition and control technologies directly into the enterprise IT system responsible for running the analytics -- delivering fast, simple, and secure convergence between the necessary OT hardware and software components.

System operation and automation

Both HPE iLO and iSM provide local management of HPE Edgeline systems, supporting simple deployment and reliable operations. These management tools enable users to directly manage individual systems, as well as consolidate management of multiple systems.

Rugged form factors

Compact and ruggedized HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems are designed to reside in environmentally harsh, space-constrained, and/or dusty environments, and to withstand increased shock and vibration, as well as extreme temperatures.

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Edge Compute in action