Intelligent Storage

What is Intelligent Storage?

Intelligent storage is data storage that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to actively manage and respond to its environment on premises and in the cloud, enabling resources to be appropriately available, optimized, and cost effective. 


How does intelligent storage work?

Intelligent storage is a storage system or service that uses AI to continuously learn and adapts to its hybrid cloud environment to better manage and serve data. It can be deployed as hardware on-premises, as a virtual appliance, or as a cloud service. Intelligent storage can move data where it needs to be and proactively optimize data through its life cycle. It provides data protection and encryption to eliminate potential security threats and is sold in a pay-as-you-go model.

Why intelligent storage?

A hybrid cloud world means a massive amount of data is being generated all the time. This data can be incredibly useful, but only if it can be accessed, organized, and analyzed. Traditional data storage systems were not designed to effectively handle this task, meaning valuable data is hidden or overlooked and enterprise and IT resources are strained. Intelligent storage systems remove the barriers that keep customers from taking advantage of their data by understanding what workloads need, adapting to changes in real time, and simplifying management and support.

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HPE’s intelligent data platform

HPE delivers an intelligent data platform, an AI-driven storage solution that prevents issues before they occur by learning and adjusting in real time. This platform was developed with hybrid infrastructure in mind, meaning your data is accessible and usable across all cloud environments.