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Integrated solutions and services that leverage digital technology advances to make medicine and research more precise and focused on the individual.

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Digital medicine for healthcare and life sciences

Healthcare and life sciences can’t get by on bandages for IT anymore. You need digital transformation medicine to be able to continually deliver the services that are demanded. And you need a partner with a record of success to help.

HPE has delivered solutions to healthcare and life sciences for decades, and we have the vision and solutions to create the right mix for your specific digital use cases. This combination of the right mix and the right experience will accelerate the right outcomes for you.

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Digital health – The new model

Digital health is revolutionising the patient experience, reducing waiting, and improving health outcome by empowering individuals to manage their own health.

Digital transformation in life sciences

Genetic-based therapeutics and the data intensive and collaborative nature of the life sciences industry requires a transformative digital infrastructure.

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Digital solutions that drive healthcare and life sciences


Of Global Fortune 500 healthcare and life sciences companies rely on HPE products and solutions.1


Of Fortune 500 healthcare and life sciences companies take advantage of HPE services.1


Of Global Fortune 500 healthcare and life sciences companies engage HPE Technology Consulting.1

A track record of healthcare and life sciences success

Read the Spectrum Healthcare IT Case Study

Spectrum Health reduces operating costs by 25%

Spectrum wanted to expand its infrastructure to accommodate growth, control power and cooling costs, and improve patient care and outcomes. Its new system has higher reliability and more services, with savings forecast to be $10M over 10 years.

Norrbottens ensures storage limits are never breached

Swedish healthcare authority ensures proactive support for its ebusiness-critical data centres and the storage headroom to keep the organisation running.

Plymouth Hospital image logo

Plymouth Hospital goes wireless

Plymouth Hospital in England implemented a secure wireless LAN with a single point of management to support key medical applications and mobile Electronic Patient Records.

HudsonAlpha image

HudsonAlpha streamlines IT to meet growth

One of America’s leading genome research institutes is constantly growing. It implemented a powerful and easily managed platform and eliminated production bottlenecks.

Critical healthcare use cases

Digital foundation

Centralise records across environments with a secure, continuously available, high-performance infrastructure. Leverage medical image capture and object storage that supports hospital HIS/PACS data centres with vendor neutral archiving and rapid retrieval.

Connected care

Integrate financial, clinical imaging, credentialing, and other critical systems into a single consolidated view. Streamline clinical and business workflows for operations and services management. Deliver secure, real-time access via internet.

Empowered care

Mobilise your apps for patients, clinicians, families, and others. Secure both wired and wireless networks with instant user access updating. Leverage voice over Wi-Fi integration with nursing and medical paging systems. Enable IoT use of medical devices.

Insight-driven care

Access advanced analytics on genomic data for new treatments, monitor the patient vitals in real time, aggregate data from multiple systems, and correlate to key comorbidities. Facilitate data tracking for population health management. over Wi-Fi integration with nursing and medical paging systems. Enable IoT use of medical devices.

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Solution Brief : Improve Your IT Prognosis

Improve Your IT with HPE Healthcare and Life Sciences Solutions
Solution Brief

Address your healthcare-specific challenges. See how the right solution can meet your needs today and scale as your organisation evolves and grows.

Article : The robot will see you now

The robot will see you now

Video : Philips Delivers Patient-Centric Healthcare

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Philips Delivers Patient-Centric Healthcare with HPE Solutions
Video | 3:03

Philips manages 20 petabytes of data in 31 countries. Learn how Philips moved to a hybrid cloud infrastructure to put IT at the heart of its business.

Blog Post : Managing the Massive Data Generated from DNA Sequencing

Manage Massive Data with HPE Healthcare IT Solutions
Blog Post

The New York Genome Centre analyses up to 12 terabytes of data each day . Its big data analytics platform supports the drive to better diagnose disease and develop more effective medical treatments.

Video : Spectrum Health Gains Flexibility through Modular Data Centres

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See How Spectrum Health Gained Data Centre Flexibility with HPE
Video | 2:38

Spectrum Health wanted to expand its IT infrastructure, and control power and cooling costs. A modular approach keeps the continuously growing business responsive to its patients.

Case Study : White River Health System Increases Backup Reliability with Less Effort

White River Increases Reliability with HPE Healthcare Solutions
Case Study

White River found that unreliable backup is as bad as no backup. It deployed an enterprise backup solution and saves IT hours on backup each week.

Article : Great healthcare starts with smart spaces

Great healthcare starts with smart spaces

Video : Storage Matters Because Time Matters for Nebraska Medicine

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See How HPE Data Storage Solution Helped Nebraska Medicine
Video | 2:28

Nebraska Medicine provides brain tests without delays. HPE StoreOnce allows it to reliably store and recover patients’ MRI and PET/CT results

Case Study : Erasmus Medical Centre Finds Its Data Storage Answer

Learn How Erasmus Medical Centre Uses HPE Data Storage
Case Study

Rotterdam-based Erasmus implemented a high performance, reliable, and cost-effective storage solution based on pay-per-use to reduce TCO and cost per GB.

Case Study : St. Joseph-Stift Overhauls Entire Infrastructure

HPE Helps St. Joseph-Stift Overhaul Entire IT Infrastructure
Case Study

The Dresden hospital Implemented a future-oriented, flexible IT infrastructure to support the hospital’s growth and ongoing development.

Case Study : Berger Health System Lowers TCO by 25%

Berger Health System Lowers TCO by 25% with HPE
Case Study

Berger replaced an aging infrastructure and brought new client services online quickly while avoiding migration drama.

Case Study : Changhua Hospital Reduces Data Transfer Times by 80%

Changhua Hospital Reduces Data Transfer Times by 80% with HPE
Case Study

Changhua upgraded its infrastructure with no interruption of operations and improved medical image access to 99.9999% reliability.

1.- Enterprise Data Warehouse (Integrated End Customers Reporting Domain) – End Customers Revenue from 2015 Q2 to 2017 Q1