Private 5G

What is Private 5G?

Private 5G is an ultra-secure, restricted-access network that provides bandwidth to a business. The network is less prone to latency issues, as it’s solely operated for highly specialized and customized applications. Enterprise organizations utilize private 5G networks for applications including robotics and industrial IoT, data networks and pipelines, and security systems facilitation. 

Why private 5G?

The importance of private 5G networks lies in the secure nature of these networks. By restricting all usage to priority access only, this network provides the speed, bandwidth, and availability that many organizations need to maintain the sheer volume of data processing, security, and device connectivity within their data architecture.

Private 5G establishes better coverage than high-speed 5G Wi-Fi capabilities, providing more thorough and reliable coverage for the given user-base. Aside from this, private 5G networks have customization capabilities that even 5G Wi-Fi does not offer, allowing for industry- and business-specific conditions and requirements.

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With the common need for organizations to supply their network with high data transmission speeds and low latency, private 5G networks have the capacity to provide the support required for efficient data processing and data storage applications within an enterprise infrastructure.

These networks enable enterprise connectivity with unique capabilities for private networking across applications from edge to cloud. With dedicated capacity, extended range and security across environments, and complementary interworking with current Wi-Fi networks, private 5G technology is revolutionizing wide-area coverage through cost-effective, indoor connectivity. 

How do you build a private 5G network?

Implementation of a 5G network can be bought or built. If the preference is to build, there are critical steps to laying the proper foundation for your industry- or enterprise-specific needs. At the very beginning, businesses must consider the extensive requirements for building a private 5G network and partner with professionals who can lend their expertise in navigating this building process. Due to the highly specialized nature of this process, there are various issues associated with acquiring spectrum, equipment, and vendor services. An expert is invaluable to building this network for your business.

1.       The first step in building a private 5G network is acquiring spectrum from the government or mobile network suppliers. You must have access to the spectrum needed to host your private 5G network. There is often a high price associated with spectrum, but making this initial investment is what enables you to begin building a private 5G network for your enterprise.

2.       Secondary to acquiring spectrum is obtaining the tools and equipment required for the physical infrastructure. This includes bases, towers, and a variety of technical assets.

3.       Finding a managed services provider (MSP) is critical to the building process. This will establish oversight and maintenance for your business, including intentional and customized design for your needs, deployment of the network, and organization of your system once it is actively running.

HPE and private 5G

HPE extends leadership in enterprise connectivity with a private 5G offering, enabled through HPE GreenLake via private 5G and HPE Aruba Networking Wi-Fi networks. Deployment options are customized to fit your needs, including sensitive and remote applications, such as military, oil and gas, and shipping.

With private 5G technology from HPE, customers can enjoy the best of both worlds with seamless interworking across both private 5G and Wi-Fi. And now with pre-integrated radio access, the HPE private 5G solution is deployed quickly, flexibly, and as a service with HPE GreenLake.

Our private 5G solution is based on HPE 5G Core Stack, a cloud-native, container-based 5G core network solution. Providing enriched capabilities for modular operation and automation, this solution is agile and completely configurable to your specific needs. HPE is the perfect partner to help customers deploy secure, expandable, and dynamic private networks. Automated operations are controlled by HPE Service Director, which offers a self-service portal for enterprise users, along with an advanced portal for administrators, effectively providing support and ease of use for both customers and ITDMs.