Compute Cloud

What is Compute Cloud?

Compute cloud is the delivery of compute as a service through a cloud services platform. 

What is compute capacity in cloud?

Compute capacity in cloud is the amount of given resources available for processing data within a cloud environment. Cloud computing functions via the internet and is delivered as a service. In a cloud compute model, users have access to virtual, network, and storage resources that are available online. Remote cloud service providers can limit, restrict, or provision capacity in cloud based on demand.

With cloud compute, resources are provisioned and scaled instantly via the internet, providing organizations with greater capacity to efficiently scale their compute needs. Cloud compute allows for easy access to the resources needed, without any risk of overprovisioning, need for maintenance, or in-house oversight of capacity management.

With hybrid cloud as an option, enterprise organizations have even more flexibility to meet their compute needs within varying workload restrictions. By providing access to both public and private cloud deployment options, organizations have the option to safeguard their mission-critical, secure applications within the private cloud environment, as well as run their general file sharing and testing needs in the public cloud.

HPE and compute cloud

HPE GreenLake for Cloud is a flexible solution that evolves with your needs. From your data center to edges, you can choose your own path to the cloud. Your enterprise’s choice of compute can empower transformation and modernization without compromise as you evolve to provide support for your customers.

Optimize your compute with HPE Compute from Edge to Cloud. A platform that is proven to optimize your workloads through compute products, solutions, and services. With HPE Edgeline converged edge systems, enterprise IT infrastructure can be dynamically deployed while housed in a clean, compact form factor. This system is rugged enough to perform where you need it most—at the edge. And the convergence of OT and IT environments within this single system reduces latency, further enabling real-time, local decision-making. With HPE Edgeline, you can enjoy world-class security and compliance maintenance around the clock.

Transform your operating model across distributed clouds with HPE GreenLake for Compute. This service has you covered from top to bottom, within applications and data, from edge to cloud. By providing versatile, resilient, and secure compute for all your workloads, our compute cloud services accelerate business value and optimize cost and speed by modernizing your data everywhere, from edge to cloud. With today’s digital-first world, your enterprise can enjoy a cloud operational experience that gives you full visibility and control over security, governance, and costs.