What is Composable Infrastructure?

A composable infrastructure treats each element and resource of IT as a service, and composes them in real time to meet demand.

Composable infrastructure definition

Composable infrastructure  – sometimes referred to as "infrastructure as code" – is a software-defined solution that goes beyond simply converging or hyper converging hardware, compute and storage into a single integrated unit.  A composable system virtualises the entire IT infrastructure: it treats physical compute, storage and network devices as services, and manages all of IT via a single application. This eliminates the need to configure hardware to support specific applications and allows the infrastructure to be managed by software command. Composable infrastructures create pools of resources that are automatically composed in near real time to meet compute needs.

Why composable infrastructure?

Composable infrastructure provides the best application performance possible, reduces underutilisation and overprovisioning, and creates a more agile, cost-effective data centre. The single management interface integrates operational silos, logically pools resources, and automatically composes and recomposes blocks of disaggregated IT services to effortlessly meet the changing needs each application. IT can provision workloads just as quickly and efficiently as public cloud service providers in a secure, on-premises private cloud.


  • Streamline – Achieve smooth integration into operations, provisioning, configuration and orchestration tools
  • Automate – Stand up an in-house, bare-metal cloud infrastructure using templates via a unified API
  • Control – Spin up instances on demand and eliminate costly service providers

IT Leaders:

  • Optimise – Any application and store all data on a single infrastructure
  • Accelerate – Via a single interface to compose logical infrastructures at near-instant speeds
  • Impact – Productivity by integrating and automating operations and applications via a unified API

HPE composable infrastructure

HPE Synergy is the world's first platform architected for composable infrastructure and composable services. It delivers the agility and continuous delivery needed for today’s applications. Optimise DevOps with infrastructure as code, deploy at cloud-like speed, develop more applications and reduce costs with the market leader.

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Infographic : How composable infrastructure can help your business


Composable infrastructure turns IT infrastructure into a utility.

Infographic : What is composable infrastructure?


Composable infrastructure turns IT infrastructure into a utility.

Infographic : How you will benefit from composable infrastructure


As businesses move through their digital transformation journey, the role of IT will change.

Infographic : Why you need composable infrastructure


Modern business is placing competing pressures on the IT function.

Analyst Report : Quantifying data centre inefficiency: Making the case for composable infrastructure

Analyst Report | PDF | 931 KB

Nearly all datacentres in enterprise IT have some inefficiencies. See how solutions like HPE Synergy can help you optimise your IT operations so your business can thrive in the idea economy.