Supply Chain Security

Ensure security before your infrastructure arrives with an uncompromised and trusted supply chain, acting as your first line of defense against cyber-attackers.

Automated security

Protect over four million lines of firmware from malware and ransomware with a digital fingerprint that is unique to your server. Defend your infrastructure from malicious code with early detection and automated recovery of a security compromised server.

Secure repurposing or retirement of infrastructure

Easily retire old infrastructure with simple, safeguarded removal of passwords, configuration settings, and data.

Trusted security by design

From silicon to software, from factory to cloud, and from generation to generation, HPE ProLiant is engineered with a fundamental security approach to defend against increasingly complex threats through an uncompromising focus to state-of-the-art security innovations that’s built into our DNA. Protect your infrastructure, workloads, and data from threats to hardware, and risks from third-party software, with a trusted edge-to-cloud security posture built on an HPE compute core hardened through a proven zero-trust approach to security.

Industry-recognized certificates

Industry-recognized cryptographic certificates

Platform certificates are industry-recognized cryptographic certificates that assure the identity of a configured server with a digitally signed statement of what is in the server. As with HPE Server Configuration Lock, Platform Certificates help to further ensure secure provisioning of a new server into a customer’s infrastructure.

Closing the IT security gap

Discover the nine best practices that top performing security teams are implementing to effectively closing their organization's security gaps and learn how to get ahead of the constantly changing threat landscape.

Zero touch onboarding

Secure, zero-touch onboarding

iDevID is a cryptographic identity that provides secure, zero touch onboarding without human intervention, enabling automatic provisioning and access management for integrated applications.

HPE-exclusive digital fingerprint

HPE-exclusive immutable digital fingerprint

The silicon root of trust validates the lowest level of firmware to BIOS and software to ensure the system is secure and in a known good state before the server even boots.

Where are you sending your end-of-use assets?

Once you decide that certain IT assets have reached the end of their utility, you are faced with several decisions. HPE can help you make the right decisions.

Trusted supply chain

HPE trusted supply chain

Assembled in secure HPE facilities to the most stringent Country of Origin USA and conformance requirements, each server offers advanced end-to-end security that features hardened data protection during manufacturing and delivery.

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How the HPE GreenLake platform deepens security

Discover how HPE is securing the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform with a new approach to automated and continuous integrity verification.

HPE partners help deliver best-in-class security solutions

HPE is elevating supply chain security

Two reports by Independent Analyst InfusionPoints describe how HPE is continues to innovate and lead in building security features into their ecosystem and provides a trusted computing environment for their customers.

HPE Compute security resources

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Silicon-to-cloud security

HPE continuously protects your infrastructure, workloads, and data, adapting to increasingly complex threats.

Compute Security Bulletins

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