Containerisation Solutions

Open and flexible containerisation solutions that can help you accelerate container deployment and operations.

Accelerate digital transformation with containerisation

Accelerate digital transformation so you can spend more time on innovation, move faster without compromising security and minimise complexity. Whether you seek to implement a hybrid cloud, develop and deploy new modern or container-based applications, or modernise existing applications using containerisation, HPE is driving the creation of containerised solutions that can help your business.

Enable an edge-to-cloud approach to containerisation

HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise, a unified application container platform built on open-source Kubernetes is designed for both cloud-native applications and non-cloud-native applications running on any infrastructure either on-premises, in multiple public clouds, in a hybrid model or at the edge.

Optimise and accelerate application containers at scale

Speed and simplify your application container deployment and operations at scale. Best practices and automation help streamline operations and improve SLAs. HPE delivers highly automated playbooks for Day 0 deployments combined with best practices and configuration automation to setup container HA, backup/restore, security validation and monitoring to minimise manual overheads for customers.