HPE Machine Learning Development System

Scale AI model training from idea to impact with minimal code rewrites or infrastructure changes. 

Uncover hidden insights

Learn how HPE Machine Learning Development System enables you to focus on innovation, not infrastructure.

Speed innovation and reduce IT complexity for AI/ML model training

Out-of-the-box performance profiles and on-site installation, configuration and set-up reduce IT complexity and frees up your teams to focus on AI/ML model development.

Purpose built, validated and pre-configured

Integrated hardware, software and services solution ready for model development and training on day one. Quickly respond to users by delivering the compute and technical infrastructure required for successful model development.

Future proof your AI-infrastructure

Choose from a range of compute and storage configurations to stay in front of evolving needs and build a foundation for heterogeneous accelerators.  This purpose built, validated and pre-configured solution delivers an integrated hardware, software and services solution ready for model development and training on day one.

HPE Machine Learning Development System Independent Evaluation Results

ESG recently evaluated the HPE Machine Learning Development System, exploring how the system can help organizations accelerate their time to insight, providing tools to accelerate and simplify model development and training. The team reviewed the productivity, ease of use, flexibility, performance, and investment value of the solution.

Accelerating time to AI value

ESG research found that 60% of organizations need more than four months to see value from their AI/ML initiatives, and only 7% see value immediately.

Integrated, efficient, automated AI/ML infrastructure

ESG validated that the HPE Machine Learning Development System is easy to set up, use, and scale. Preconfigured and validated at the factory and on site, organizations save time and resources with this solution.

Accelerate and innovate AI solutions

Learn now ML engineers and data scientists are able to focus on innovation and accelerate their time to production of their AI solutions.

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Technical specifications

  • Pre-configured, fully installed and performant out of the box

    Out-of-the-box performance means reduced IT complexity
    Focus time and resources on model-development
    On site installation, configuration and standard model setup

  • Manageability and observability

    Monitor infrastructure and model metrics through single interface
    Improved experiment tracking and collaboration between ML engineers

  • Component architecture

    Compute Node – Apollo 6500 Gen10+ with NVIDIA® A100 8 way 80GB GPU
    Management Node – Proliant DL325
    Cluster Manager - HPCM
    Storage – HPE Parallel File System
    NVIDIA Infiniband

  • Software and hardware supported

    Software: HPE Machine Learning Development Environment, HPE Performance Cluster Manager, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux
    Hardware: HPE Apollo 6500 Gen 10 plus NVIDIA® A100 8-way 80GB GPU, HPE Proliant DL325, NVIDIA Infiniband, HPE Parallel File System