Revolutionize your BMC experience

HPE now offers a secure, seamless path for you to adopt OpenBMC on select HPE ProLiant servers. Proceed with confidence, knowing our experts designed this OpenBMC enablement program with the needs of the service provider community in mind.

Unified BMC solution

If your desire is to implement your own self-supported BMC firmware solution on HPE ProLiant servers, in place of our fully supported, highly-optimized HPE ProLiant iLO firmware, we now provide a smooth, secure transition path for you to realize your unified BMC solution implementation across your heterogeneous server environment, beginning with HPE ProLiant servers.

Renowned HPE ProLiant security

HPE ProLiant servers are renowned for their security, enabled by our Silicon Root of Trust firmware technology. The silicon root of trust provides a series of trusted handshakes from lowest-level firmware to BIOS and software to ensure a known good state. These built-in security features help you prevent and detect cyberattacks. You can leverage this same level of security when running your OpenBMC firmware on HPE ProLiant servers.

Open, flexible design

HPE makes it easy to implement your OpenBMC strategy on ProLiant servers. Leverage the OpenBMC community to the fullest to build, grow, and maintain your implementation on your timeline and with resources you control. And if your needs change, you can easily switch back to using HPE iLO server manageability.

Is OpenBMC right for your organization?

Important considerations for a successful OpenBMC implementation:

  • Your organization already has an open-source strategy
  • Your organization has a dedicated engineering staff and resources who can develop, test, and manage deployment of our own open-source software
  • Your organization has people who understand how to manage code streams on OpenBMC GitHub, can download up-streamed source code trees, and can maintain, update, and compile OpenBMC source tree
  • Your organization can manage and digitally sign security certificates
  • Your organization has a dedicated security officer who manages our security strategy

Ready to take the next step to OpenBMC? Our door is open

To learn more or to talk with an HPE expert about making the move to OpenBMC, please complete the information request form below. Our experts will answer your questions and guide you through every step of the journey to ensure your OpenBMC implementation runs safely and reliably on HPE ProLiant servers.

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