Data Storage

What is Data Storage?

Data storage is the retention of information using technology specifically developed to keep that data and have it as accessible as necessary. Data storage refers to the use of recording media to retain data using computers or other devices. The most prevalent forms of data storage are file storage, block storage, and object storage, with each being ideal for different purposes.

What is file storage?

Inexpensive and simply constructed, data is stored in files and folders. This is commonly found on hard drives and means that the files look exactly the same to the hard drive as they do to the user.

What is object storage?

Data is stored as objects with metadata and unique identifiers. Although it is generally less expensive to store data this way, object storage is only ideal for data that doesn’t need to be edited.

What is block storage?

Data is stored in evenly-sized blocks. Although more expensive and complex and less scalable, block storage is ideal for data that must be frequently accessed and edited.

HPE data storage products and services

The speed and efficiency of your data storage is the key to business growth. It’s also one of today’s biggest IT headaches. HPE simplifies data storage with scale out flash and disk array systems, as well as comprehensive data protection and retention solutions.