This is the era of Hybrid Cloud

We believe this is the decade of hybrid cloud. There is an observable shift in cloud culture, with a growing movement to be more conscious when developing cloud strategies.

We recognise that organisations need solutions that complement their existing infrastructure and strategy. We provide the flexibility, choice and transparency needs for cloud-like experience from edge to cloud.

It’s time to make conscious cloud decisions

We embarked on a journey to uncover the culture of cloud which resulted in our feature film, Clouded. Since then, we sat down with our hybrid cloud specialists to discuss how Clouded aligns with the conversations they are having.

Hear our perspectives on why cloud doesn’t need to be clouded

Adrian Lovell HPE Chief Technologist

Adrian shares his experiences in the changing perception of cloud. Are we entering the era of hybrid cloud? We think so.

Data conscious, storage conscious

Cloud is no longer a destination. It’s a way of thinking. Our HPE data specialists reflect on Clouded’s data growth narrative and how HPE support customers in data modernization.

Dave Strong, Director HPE ANPS

Our technologists are helping customers navigate the challenges raised in Clouded such as data sovereignty, forecasting costs and scaling. Dave Strong explains how.

Why resiliency matters

Our HPE specialists provide their perspectives on the resiliency challenges of cloud adoption and the need to make conscious decisions about your workloads and data.