Today’s wired and wireless networks need to provide more than just connectivity. They must deliver actionable insights to accelerate the move to mobile and IoT.

Insightful, developer-ready campus area network

The HPE Aruba Networking Mobile First Platform is the intelligent software layer that turns connectivity into a rich experience for mobile users and actionable insights for business and IT. It’s designed to accelerate your adoption of mobile and IoT initiatives and separate your business from the crowd.

Enterprise wireless networks made simple

Acting as the brains of a large scale wireless network, HPE Aruba Networking OS 8 is designed to deliver the highest levels of reliability to mobile users. It can integrate with northbound IT and business applications via its REST API to share real-time contextual information about the network state, and enable programmability of the network infrastructure with custom app signatures. HPE Aruba Networking OS 8 can be deployed on a server appliance, significantly easing the consumption model.

Gain predictive insights into user experience

With HPE Aruba Networking Management Software (AirWave), you can collect data about mobile app performance and Wi-Fi metrics to better understand the end-to-end user experience. And the new Clarity feature simulates network performance to predict issues before they affect users.

Secure network access for BYOD and IoT

Create wired, wireless and VPN access policies using a rich context of device type, health, user, time and location - on a multi-vendor network infrastructure. Integrated into HPE Aruba Networking ClearPass, device profiling enables you to onboard IoT and BYOD devices onto your network.

Increase workplace productivity and engage customers

Give public venues and enterprises a quick way to build an app from scratch or improve an existing one with HPE Aruba Networking location-based services. Add indoor maps, wayfinding and other location-aware content that engages guests or helps employees become more productive.