HPE NonStop family of systems

Fault-tolerant, always-on and always-adapting computing solution with an open software environment for mission-critical solution deployment.

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Mission critical workloads need 100% fault tolerance

HPE NonStop systems are designed from the ground up for mission-critical environments that demand continuous business and 100% fault tolerance. These ultra-robust systems ensure 24x7 availability, unrivaled data integrity, and virtually unlimited scalability—ideal for demanding, transaction-intensive applications that are mission-critical to your business.  The HPE NonStop software environment is now available for use in private clouds.

HPE Virtualized NonStop for the cloud

HPE Virtualized NonStop can be built on your choice of infrastructure and deployed in your enterprise cloud. You can run applications built for NonStop L-series platform, without any modification, in your private cloud.

HPE NonStop SQL Cloud Edition

Let your cloud native and Linux applications become mission-critical in minutes, abstracting clustering and distributed SQL complexity and gaining increased levels of availability, scalability and data integrity.

The always-on operating system

HPE NonStop has unparalleled ability to detect, isolate, and recover from hardware and software failures without affecting critical applications and their users. The HPE NonStop OS has been protecting mission-critical processes for over 40 years.

Our customers

The power of fault tolerance

HPE NonStop delivers a comprehensive fully integrated software stack specially designed for fault tolerance and scalability and is tuned to specific business needs.

System security

Choose from a comprehensive set of security capabilities to protect sensitive data and demonstrate security compliance with regulations. HPE NonStop helps you meet the demand for sophisticated protection of data and resources.

Scalable database

Deploy a scalable database that never fails, enable low risk economical ports from other clustered database platforms for use by new applications and customers, and actively support existing SQL/MX customers.

Business continuity

Protect your business from natural or other disasters with sophisticated solutions that allow your whole system to fail and another system located miles away to take over in real time. Use this software to replicate and integrate data from your HPE NonStop database into heterogeneous databases on other server types.

Java and middleware support

Design mission-critical apps for the most available system in the world, speed development and enhancements of HPE NonStop applications, and make use of the latest Java paradigms and frameworks on HPE NonStop.

Development tools

Work in an integrated development environment (IDE) based on Eclipse™, a popular GUI-based IDE developed by the Eclipse Foundation, called HPE NonStop Development Environment for Eclipse (NSDEE).

IT management tools

Leverage a range of operations management products including: configuration, workload management, performance management, availability monitoring, capacity planning, security, SNMP, and web-based manageability software.

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