What is Edge Computing?

Edge computing is the practice of processing data near the edge of your network, where the data is being generated, instead of in a centralised data-processing warehouse.

Edge computing definition

Edge computing is a distributed, open IT architecture that features decentralised processing power, enabling mobile computing and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. In edge computing, data is processed by the device itself or by a local computer or server, rather than being transmitted to a data centre.

Why edge computing?

Edge computing enables data-stream acceleration, including real-time data processing without latency. It allows smart applications and devices to respond to data almost instantaneously, as its being created, eliminating lag time. This is critical for technologies such as self-driving cars, and has equally important benefits for business.

Edge computing allows for efficient data processing in that large amounts of data can be processed near the source, reducing Internet bandwidth usage. This both eliminates costs and ensures that applications can be used effectively in remote locations. In addition, the ability to process data without ever putting it into a public cloud adds a useful layer of security for sensitive data.

HPE edge computing products and services

HPE solutions drive new capabilities at the Intelligent Edge.

HPE Edgeline IoT systems

HPE Edgeline IoT systems

Harness the potential of the IoT with HPE’s industrial-grade, network edge devices, which can operate in virtually any environment.

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Mobility and workplace services

Mobility and workplace services

Our experts will work with you to transform the workplace with better insights for IT and facilities, and better experiences that improve engagement for users and visitors.

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IoT solutions

IoT solutions

Bring IoT to life for your business with HPE’s groundbreaking technology.

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