Storage for HPC

A comprehensive portfolio of dedicated storage products that enable the full power of HPC by supporting clustered computing and distributed parallel computing.


HPC requires high performance storage

High performance computing (HPC) compute differs dramatically from enterprise compute. Enterprise involves small file sizes and the movement of a few files. HPC has large data sets run in parallel across multiple servers within a cluster and distributed across multiple storage servers, with all data accessible to all servers. HPC requires a parallel distributed file system to provide the necessary high speed concurrent access to the data. Without it, expensive CPUs starve for data and processing is delayed

Storage for High Performance Computing can handle HPC demands

Enterprise storage can't handle HPC

Imagine an 800 horsepower engine running on bicycle tires. The tires couldn’t handle the power and it would be wasted. HPC is like that engine. Enterprise storage can’t handle its power. To achieve the full value of HPC, you need storage designed for HPC.

HPE storage for HPC delivers

We offer a comprehensive set of easily deployed turnkey HPC storage solutions that can optimise your resources and scale with you.

Simple deployment

Leverage turnkey deployment with factory integration and configuration to get up and running quickly and easily.


Automatically move data to the lowest cost storage based on administrator-defined policies. Data demanding fast response can use SSDs, while slower response data can be placed on hard drives.

Streamlined workflows

Do less repetitive, time consuming work and speed processing by leveraging automatic staging of data as needed for an application.

Key differences between HPC and enterprise storage

Enterprise storage

HPC storage

Typical workload


Job (Data Set)

Performance requirement



Typical file size



Typical file access



Data movement



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Storage Consulting Services

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Big Data Consulting Services

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