HPE Swarm Learning

Uncover insights with the industry’s first privacy preserving, decentralized machine learning solutionAn%20analysis%20as%20of%20April%2013%2C%202022%2C%20of%20competing%20offerings%20that%20claim%20privacy%20preservation%20found%20that%20they%20use%20a%20federated%20architecture%20reliant%20on%20a%20central%20server. for increased accuracy and reduced bias in AI models.

Insights from data at the edge

Learn how Swarm Learning is unlocking new business models by collaborating across organizations and geographies, enhancing insights on data from the edge.

More accurate models and reduced bias

Training the model occurs at the edge, where data is most recent, and where prompt, data-driven decisions are necessary. HPE Swarm Learning provides efficient, secure, privacy-preserving, decentralized machine learning at the data source by sharing only insights among machine learning peers, not privileged data.

Unlock new business models while maintaining data privacy

By sharing only the ML insights, not actual data, data owners have greater control over access to and usage of their data. This enables collaboration on new revenue streams while protecting data privacy.

Gain timely insights

Model retraining can be initiated as soon as new data becomes available at any data source and learnings shared immediately with peers without transfer, consolidation and mining.

Harnessing the power of Swarm Learning

While the growing volume of data at the edge makes for smarter AI, not all that data can be shared. Thanks to Swarm Learning, and the shift from centralized data centers to edge computing, learnings can be shared without exposing data—benefiting all.

Healthcare research redefined

Swarm Learning has helped create new medical methodologies that are open and collaborative, which reduces information bias and delivers better insights faster.

Meet the car of the future

How do we make the car of the future a reality?

Collaborate on data at the edge

Learn more about HPE’s privacy preserving, decentralized machine learning solution.

Take the next steps

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Technical specifications

  • Fully supported containerized software

    Packaged as containers with 3 SKUs of 5, 10, 20 nodes of 1 year subscription
    Each 5-pack container can be configure
    - 5 HPE Swarm Learning servers optionally GPU based
    - 1 Management Server (non-GPU based)
    Community Edition- No charge, unlimited term,  5 node, best effort support available

  • Software container contents

    HPE Swarm Learning – for running user-defined machine learning algorithm
    Swarm Network – the blockchain network
    License server – Autopass license server
    SWOP (Swarm Operator) – for command-line management
    1-yr subscription license and a community license that supports up to 5 nodes

  • Supported hardware

    HPE Swarm Learning can run on any hardware that supports executing container software
    - HPE Edgeline
    - HPE ProLiant
    - HPE Superdome Flex
    - HPE Apollo
    HPE Swarm Learning is qualified with HPE Edgeline, HPE ProLiant DL 380, and Apollo 6500
    PFSS Storage if external storage is required

  • HPE PointNext 24x7 Tech Care Essential support

    Break fix support
    Backed by HPE