Consumption-based, fully managed

Containers give you the power, efficiency, and portability you need for enterprise-level, mission-critical application environments. The HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform offers a high-performance, on-premises container solution in a pay-per-use model. HPE engineers perform installation and configuration, and HPE provides complete management of your solution, a single point of contact for support and a technical team who knows your environment and your business. And with a standardized hardware and software build, you avoid a costly manual deployment, and you can have it delivered to your data center.

Enterprise-grade performance and security

Deploy containers on infrastructure that supports high availability for mission-critical applications and integrates into enterprise security and authentication services. You’ll avoid creating data copies, regardless of where your containers are running or where your data is stored.

Cost transparency

You have near-real-time visibility into your consumption with the HPE GreenLake Central platform. Your usage is metered and managed by HPE, so we can help you scale capacity up or down as needed, and you’re only billed for actual usage above your reserve capacity.

One-click provisioning

A self-service experience with a curated app store of pre-built application images offers streamlined deployment and management for a wide range of use cases, including application modernization, AI/ML, analytics, IoT, and CI/CD.

Simplified Kubernetes management and pre-integrated data fabric

Deploy and manage multiple Kubernetes clusters across your environment with a multi-tenant control plane, and simply click a check box to include scale-out persistent storage in a new container.

HPE GreenLake for containers

HPE GreenLake for containers is powered by HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise, a CNCF-certified distribution using 100% open-source upstream Kubernetes. It’s built on 100% open-source upstream Kubernetes, optimized for multi-tenant, multi-cluster management, and it’s suitable for cloud-native apps, non-cloud-native apps, and legacy apps—even stateful ones requiring persistent storage. Cluster management enables administrators to easily create clusters, add policies and permissions, and allocate clusters to developers.

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Who is this recommended for?

Enterprises that are deploying containerized solutions for use cases such as application modernization, cloud native applications, or advanced analytics

Hardware specifications

Platform is based on innovative cloud modules. Initial deployment sizes of platform are available in x-small, small, medium, and large configurations. Customers can choose from General Purpose, Compute Optimized or Memory Optimized compute modules, and from Block Storage Standard or Block Storage Performance storage modules in various sizing options to arrive at a final configuration for deployment.

Software stack

HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise

Minimum entry point

Minimum server/storage capacity – 4 compute nodes with 200 TB usable storage

What is metered

Usage is metered based on compute (per vCPU), compute (per GB) and storage (per GB) used by the nodes in a cluster.

Included services

  • Installation at your on-premises or co-located data center
  • All required HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprises, SUSE and VMware licenses
  • Software support for included software
  • HPE GreenLake Central
  • HPE GreenLake Managed Service

Proactive support

Proactive support features include:


Relationship management

  • Assigned account team
  • Account support plan
  • Inventory management
  • Support planning and review
  • Support activity review
  • HPE support center
  • HPE educational planning and assistance


Enhanced call handling

  • Rapid response to critical hardware and software incidents (24x7)
  • Accelerated escalation management
  • Remote hardware and software incident diagnosis and support
  • HPE Electronic Remote Support Solution
  • Access to electronic support information and services