Managed Security Services (MSS)

What are Managed Security Services (MSS)?

Managed Security Services (MSS) are cybersecurity services for devices and entire networks, both public and private. These services are operated by third-party providers, typically on a consumption-based model, and include security such as firewalls and real-time intrusion detection and analysis.

Why are Managed Security Services important?

MSS go beyond standard Managed Services Providers (MSPs), which focus only on more general IT maintenance like Software as a Service (SaaS). The sole focus of MSS is providing cybersecurity and protecting digital assets and infrastructure. Since the world of cyber threats and compliance continues to evolve, organizations can use managed MSPs to stay ahead of trends and respond quickly to threats.

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What are the benefits of Managed Security Services?

MSS are delivered by cybersecurity vendors, meaning companies leverage specialized cyber knowledge, infrastructure, and compliance expertise in a scalable solution that typically costs less than building in-house resources. With monitoring and analysis outsourced, internal IT teams can focus on higher-level tasks that push business innovation forward.

MSS typically have dedicated security facilities or command centers that enterprises wouldn’t otherwise have access to without massive capital expenditure. These resources provide real-time monitoring that can detect malicious activity, alert the appropriate teams, and mitigate potential damage before it can cause harm to data or capabilities. 

Third-party security providers, can also offer on-site consulting, penetration and vulnerability assessments, and reporting, helping to continuously identify potential vulnerabilities, resolve threats, and fine-tune cybersecurity programs.

Do Managed Security Services monitor cloud environments?

With the increased deployment of cloud environments, MSS can monitor multiple instances using many of the same cost-effective cybersecurity methods and industry standards—with the similar added benefits of automated or proactive responses. 

HPE and Managed Security Services

HPE helps enterprises address cyber threats everywhere, providing edge, cloud, and data expertise with modern approaches like zero-trust security or DevSecOps with industry standards such as NIST. HPE experts develop and apply adaptive next-generation security architectures, unify security and compliance on- and off-premises, and innovate with automation and intelligence.

HPE Managed Security helps organizations meet the right security benchmarks utilizing holistic tools that lower costs and free up personnel. This managed security solution helps businesses identify, prioritize and remediate both vulnerabilities and security threats. The service offering also ensures platforms are configured to meet HPE Security best practices.