What is compute?

Compute is the primary force for organizing, processing, and retrieving an establishment's assets and data, as it provides access to critical information through on-premises, hybrid, or cloud environments.

What are the key functions of compute?

The key functions of compute include:

·         Problem-solving: With compute from edge to cloud, you can prevent complex problems with AI-powered systems in just a fraction of a second.

·         Data processing and storage: Compute involves the processes of receiving, analyzing, and storing data. This data includes any and all information that is collected and moved between business apps and the web. Once the data is processed and stored, it can be further analyzed and used by ITDMs and managers to develop solutions.

·         Optimized opportunities: Optimized, intelligent compute systems support opportunities to tap into a new business segment or attain a new level of profitability.

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What is high performance computing?

High performance computing (HPC) is comprised of solutions that are able to process data and execute calculations at an incredibly high rate. The capacity far exceeds a standard computer’s ability. Science, business, and engineering organizations can utilize this aggregate computing power to solve otherwise unapproachably complex problems.

What are the benefits of containers?

Containers offer developers many advantages because of their:

Fraud detection

HPC can detect fraud by analyzing millions of transactions in real time, as well as contextual information surrounding those transactions. This powerful compute capacity is attainable through automation, which saves companies millions of dollars every day. Without this capability, everyone’s data would be at an exponentially higher risk of breach or fraud.

Medical record management

Most health records are now electronic. A higher volume of patient data readily available to nurses and doctors means it’s possible to study data and make more informed diagnoses and treatment plans for patients. This also provides a better chance that those seeking medical treatment for lesser-known diseases will receive the insight and help they need.

Weather prediction    

Most companies do not have enough compute capacity to effectively predict weather trends, resulting in erroneous predictions. HPC can support the complexities of differential equations that are utilized to translate the physics of weather, along with the massive amount of data collected via satellites. This means more accuracy is attainable, which benefits communities at high risk for devastating weather conditions or natural disasters.

Race car optimization

With even the smallest adjustments, Formula 1 design teams can analyze performance discrepancies, allowing for major improvements. These teams evaluate and refine optimization tactics through HPC programs, despite the major restrictions within the industry. These technological advancements can then be translated and utilized within a variety of industries to promote sustainability and efficiency.

Why is compute essential to enterprise organizations?

Without versatile and powerful compute, enterprise organizations would not have the capacity for the data analysis and business predictions that are necessary to keep pace with today’s markets.

Compute deeply benefits critical decision-making. In order to solve for complex problems and create solutions that provide intentional insights into the unprecedented amounts of data that is constantly being collected, enterprises need purposeful infrastructure and software that help manage the resulting workloads.

Compute is also necessary for increasing business flexibility. With the ability to remotely access powerful cloud compute capabilities, organizations can quickly and accurately accomplish tasks, scale up or down, and optimize their resources in order to maintain their competitive edge from anywhere.

Another significant benefit of cloud compute is the efficiency provided through the pay-as-you-go structure. This structure prevents over-provisioning issues and allows for support during spikes in demand by utilizing metered usage oversight, including hardware, software, and services. This capability also provides support by allowing enterprises the freedom to choose where to spend their capital and labor.

Why HPE for compute?

Optimize your compute with the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform for compute, delivered as a service. For enterprises that need speed and versatility, HPE GreenLake brings the cloud to you and to your data to promote time to value, benefit operational excellence, and free up capital. With a pay-per-use structure, our compute infrastructure is available when needed and offers a built-in buffer system that provides extra support for seasons of steady growth and unexpected spikes in demand. With HPE GreenLake, you can support any workload with our versatile, resilient, and secure compute.

Enterprises need to modernize IT infrastructure with compute that powers transformation. HPE Compute transforms IT with insights that optimize workload performance, placement, and efficiency, helping deliver top notch business outcomes, faster. And management is made easy with the HPE GreenLake for Compute Ops Management platform, which enables extensive compute management operations through automation, transforming your complex system into a simplified experience.