HPE Supercomputing

Empower world-changing innovation and discovery in the Exascale era and beyond, with faster time-to-results and accelerated AI.

HPE fuels business transformation with new AI and hybrid cloud solutions

Announcing full-stack AI-native architecture that accelerates development and deployment of AI models.

Unbounded innovation and time-to-results

Achieve monumental performance in research and innovation in health and life sciences, manufacturing, energy, earth sciences, finance and more.

Accelerate AI

Get the scalability, performance, and cost controls to optimize every workload and accelerate business outcomes. 

Scalable AI and data analytics

Scale AI models training from idea to impact with minimal code rewrites or infrastructure changes.

Supercomputing solutions across edge to cloud

Unlock new business value with high performance computing and large-scale AI workloads

Uncover hidden insights faster by using supercomputing to accelerate AI, analyzing massive data sets to create game-changing value.

Featured supercomputing products

HPE Cray Supercomputing

Industry-leading HPC solutions to handle today’s massive converged modeling, simulation, AI and analytics workloads.

HPE GreenLake for Large Language Models

On-demand, multi-tenant cloud service provides enterprises the power to privately train, tune, and deploy large-scale AI models.

HPE Cray XD2000

Unlock more value from your data by accelerating your compute-intensive workloads flexibly and efficiently.

HPE HPC Software

Comprehensive portfolio of software solutions for converged HPCAIanalytics, modeling and simulation workloads.

HPE Slingshot Interconnect

Ethernet-based HPC networking solution designed for exascale era computing of diverse simulation, modeling, AI and analytics workloads on a single system.

HPE HPC Storage

Purpose-built HPC storage solutions using leading parallel file systems to deliver performance and scalability far beyond scale-out NAS.

HPE Apollo systems

Purpose-built, density optimized compute for demanding high performance computing and artificial intelligence applications.

HPE Machine Learning Development System

Scale AI model training from idea to impact with minimal code rewrites or infrastructure changes.

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