5 considerations for flash-optimised cloud data protection
5 considerations for flash-optimised cloud data protection
Learn how to leverage cloud backup and disaster recovery together with on-premises infrastructure for reliable operational recovery.
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Reduce cost, risk, and complexity with a cloud-ready data protection platform. HPE StoreOnce provides rapid data recovery and low-cost archive and disaster recovery in the cloud that can scale from small remote offices to the largest enterprises and service providers.

Simplify with a cloud experience

Simplify backup operations with a data protection solution that’s built for cloud and doesn’t need a separate gateway or virtual appliance. Seamlessly cloud-enable your backup and enterprise apps, natively integrate your choice of cloud, and back up only unique data to the cloud for 20x lower cloud storage costs as you store encrypted, self-describing backup data for simple cloud disaster recovery.Assuming%20dedupe%20ratio%20of%2020%3A1%20as%20compared%20to%20a%20fully%20hydrated%20backup

Deliver on SLAs

Achieve rapid data recovery and ingest performance. Get up to 23 times faster backup — and up to 15 times faster recovery — for your enterprise apps with minimal impact on your production environment using direct backup from HPE Primera or HPE Nimble Storage to HPE StoreOnce via HPE RMC.Based%20on%20HPE%20testing%20comparison%20between%20HPE%20Recovery%20Manager%20Central%20and%20traditional%20backup%20environmentsControl data growth and reduce both your backup costs and footprint by 95% with ultra-efficient deduplication and data reduction technologies.Assuming%20dedupe%20ratio%20of%2020%3A1%20as%20compared%20to%20a%20fully%20hydrated%20backup

Enjoy backup as a service

Access on-premises, secure data protection in a pay-per-use model via HPE GreenLake. Your business gains reliable, cost-efficient, automated backup, recovery, and data retention without the risks of over-provisioning or upfront CAPEX expense. This consumption-based solution addresses the need for agile, affordable storage by utilizing industry leading HPE StoreOnce technologies — and can scale from small remote offices to the largest enterprises and service providers.

Leverage a next-generation platform

Backup and restore your data rapidly and at scale. Streamline management with multi-system monitoring from a single pane of glass as you increase agility with flexible, software-defined protection.

Enjoy comprehensive ransomware protection

Mitigate threats with a combination of 3-2-1-1 data protection best practices, encrypted backups, data integrity checks, role-based access control, fast restores, and high availability storage of last resort. Rely on backups that are invisible to ransomware attacks thanks to the HPE Catalyst protocol.

Enhance HPE SimpliVity integrations

Get additional protection for your HPE SimpliVity deployments at distributed edge sites with automated, application-aware policies that seamlessly replicate apps and data directly to a centralized HPE StoreOnce appliance for compliance and long-term retention.